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Website modules

Learn more about the various front-end modules offered within accessplanit's training management solution, used to help you increase profits and gain unique insight from your visitors.

Click on the titles below to learn more about each module.

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Online Booking

Seamlessly integrate your accessplanit platform with your website, allowing for 24/7 delegate booking and payment - maximising your revenue potential and meeting customer needs. Real-time integration with your website means your training offerings are always up to date.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides in-depth insights into how visitors find and use your services, and how to keep them coming back. The Google Analytics module allows you to synchronize your accessplanit Checkout with your Google Analytics account to gain valuable insight.

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Products & Services

The Products and Services module allows you to promote and sell your products and services alongside your courses. You can manage your products and associate them with specific courses. When it comes to invoicing, you can bundle products with your courses or even invoice them separately.

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Business operations

Learn more about the accessplanit modules used to help you manage the operational side of training, and help you to deliver an incredible customer experience.

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Resource Management

The Resource Management Module lets you manage your resources from within your accessplanit platform. From trainer and venue allocations, to keeping track of the quantity of course materials, the Resource Management Module allows you to keep your courses running smoothly.

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The accessplanit Workflows module allows you to send out emails to your users automatically, create tasks and make platform changes based on the rules you choose. From joining instructions to invoice reminders, notify your users about anything and everything they need to know.

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The Meetings module allows you to schedule and manage all of your meetings within the accessplanit platform. You can add attendees, map meetings to courses or opportunities, and link communications and tasks to your meetings.

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Our Surveys module allows you to create surveys and questionnaires for your users to fill in and give you feedback on your courses, your resources, or to ask them key questions even before the course starts! The survey creation tools allow you to build your surveys the way you want, to gain the information you really need.

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Use our Finance module to manage the commercial side of your courses. Streamline all of your financial processes related to your training events by automatically generating invoices, reminders, credit notes, statements, and refunds with ease. 

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Opportunity Management

A clear and simple view of incoming enquiries and opportunities – this is what you get when choosing the Opportunity Management module. Effectively manage and grow your sales pipeline in an easy-to-use format for course administrators and sales professionals alike.


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Creating targeted marketing campaigns is easy with the eCampaign module. It allows you to schedule campaigns and target users based on course history, type of account, and open opportunities, all whilst ensuring adherence to GDPR guidelines.

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Online learning and accessibility

Learn more about the accessplanit Modules that can help you to deliver a seamless online experience for delegates and internal platform users alike.

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Create, upload and distribute your eLearning material worldwide with the eLearning module. Accessible on a range of devices through the user portal, eLearning will allow you to reach online and distance learners with ease.

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With the Moodle Integration module, you can now link your learners on accessplanit to your Moodle system. Our Moodle workflows allow your learners to book on accessplanit, and get access to all of their eLearning and course content via your Moodle VLE.

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The Portal module allows your delegates to view and book your courses, access their course documents, and edit their details all from one place.

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Translation tools

Get the languages of the world at your fingertips with accessplanit's Translation module. Translate your platform and shopping basket into any of 113 languages to cater to your clients from all over the globe.

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Single sign-on

Single Sign On allows your users to access your accessplanit training management system via Active Directory authorisation. This means that they can log in to all of your ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) managed systems by using one user ID and password.

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Data transfer & reporting

Whether you're looking to import new data, integrate with a system you already use, or export complex business reports, accessplanit have a number of Modules to help you out!

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API feeds

Our API Feeds allow you to integrate your information with other other third party software. From employee and customer-based software such as VLE and CRM, to financial and invoicing programs, our API Feeds have the ability to automate data rekeying to save you both time and money.

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Exchange Integration

The Exchange Integration module allows you to synchronise your trainers' accessplanit calendars with their Exchange (Outlook) calendars. You can choose to push information from the system to their Exchange calendar, pull information from their Exchange calendar into their accessplanit calendar, or have it set up as a two way integration.

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The Data Importer Module provides a number of standard import templates, allowing you to have complete control of your data. Eliminate the need for boring data input by using the Importer tool to do it all for you.

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Report Writer

The Report Writer Module allows you to design and run your own custom reports, based on the data stored in your accessplanit training management platform, giving you access to the information you really need!

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Platform setup

When setting up your accessplanit platform, we offer modules to help us to work the way you work and help you to better understand the software.

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Sandbox environment

The accessplanit Sandbox module allows you to experiment with the system with a copy of your live data, with no repercussions! Our Sandbox area can provide you with the perfect environment to refine your processes and tweak your settings before replicating them in your live platform.

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Multiple providers

With accessplanit's Multiple Providers, define how each department or site within your company manages their courses, resources, and finances. Multiple Providers allows you to split your platform, allowing your providers to function independently to one another, giving you greater control over how your admins use your training management software.