Single Sign On and accessplanit: Log in once!

Log on using one user ID and password to access several systems

Single Sign On allows your users to access your accessplanit training management system via Active Directory authorisation. This means that they can log in to all of your ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) managed systems by using one user ID and password.

£2,000 per annum

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Essential information for Single Sign On
Benefit: Easier for users as they don't need a separate user-ID or password to access your training management system
Benefit: Users can be automatically created in your training management system, saving set-up time for administrators
Benefit: Information stored in your training management system will be consistent with the information stored in your central ADFS 
Required: ADFS 2.0 or above and the address of the ADFS server
Required: Permission to configure the ADFS implementation and the firewall for the ADFS host server
Required: Credentials for a test account, that can be used during implementation

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*What is Configurable?

  •  The creation or rejection of a new user if the details do not yet exist in the TMS database but do in ADFS
  • The account assignment for new users, users can be assigned to a central account or added to a new or existing account using information from ADFS
  • The updating of existing user information in the TMS based on changes made to information in ADFS
  • The IP ranges from which users should be asked to log in through ADFS