Exchange Integration and accessplanit: synchronise your Training Management

Synchronise your trainer's calendars

Exchange Integration module allows you to synchronise your Trainers' accessplanit calendars with their Exchange (Outlook) calendars. You can choose to push information from the system into their Exchange calendar, pull information from their Exchange calendar into their accessplanit calendar, or both.

 £2,000 per annum

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The benefits
Maintain synchronisation of events in both Outlook and your accessplanit training management software
Complete diary transparency to eliminate double bookings
Reduce the risk of double booking trainers and rooms
Remove dependency on trainers logging in to define their availability
Up-to-date and real time resource availability and information
Push or pull information to and from trainer's Exchange calendars into their accessplanit calendar, or both

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About accessplanit

accessplanit is a software house dedicated to the ongoing development of the most powerful web-based learning and training management system available today. Our system streamlines business processes, automates communication, and provides effortless end-to-end solutions from course registration through to reporting.

Now you can take control and obtain a full overview of your entire training business - making decisions simpler and life easier. Our team is dedicated to working closely with customers to ensure that after implementation your platform delivers immediate results and adds value. Our purpose: making life easier for customers!

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