Sandbox and accessplanit: Play with your data

The Sandbox environment allows you to experiment with your processes with your own data

The accessplanit Sandbox module allows you to experiment with the system with a copy of your live data, with no repercussions! Our Sandbox system can provide you with the perfect environment to refine your processes and tweak your settings before replicating them in your live system.


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The benefits

Practice Your Processes

Refine your system processes within the sandbox, with no repercussions!

Live System Data

Get access to your live system data to get an insight as to how changes will look in reality

No Changes To Live Data

Nothing you do in the sandbox will affect your live system, so go wild!

No Accidental Emails

Sandbox system workflows won't send out to your delegates, so you can cancel and book delegates without worrying

Overwrite It All

Make a big mistake? You can always ask us to overwrite your sandbox with fresh data

All Yours

Unlike our test systems, your sandbox belongs to you, so  you don't have to worry about your data being unexpectedly overwritten

Get in touch

Fill in your details and a member of our team will be in touch. 

About the Sandbox module

The accessplanit Sandbox module comes free of charge when you first purchase the system - but if you want to carry on using the sandbox system you can! The Sandbox system is ideal for ironing out your processes and practicing your procedures before you try them out on your live system.

So carry on reading to find out how the Sandbox module can benefit you!

Sandbox and your data

  • The sandbox system can be populated with a replica of your live system data for you to experiment with.
  • Nothing you do on your sandbox will affect your live system's data - so feel free to do what you want with it!
  • If you need your data resetting, you can always ask our Helpdesk team to get a live to sandbox performed for you, giving you a clean set of data to work with.

Sandbox and your emails

  • Your workflows in your sandbox won't send out to your delegates, so you can practice your course processes with peace of mind.
  • However, you will still receive any password reset emails and any sample email templates you send to yourself, meaning that you can test to your heart's content!

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