Sales and Marketing

No more empty seats

Sales and Marketing

Reach out to delegates and captivate them

Identify your opportunities

Manage the sales pipeline, produce forecasts and reports and track all communications including emails, phone calls and meetings. Uncover potential opportunities with existing clients and target upsell opportunities the smart way, using filtered smart lists and eCampaigns.
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Enhance your performance

Create measurable, personalised cross-platform marketing campaigns that puts your brand in front of your audience. Reward loyalty with vouchers or promo codes. Real-time website updates improve your SEO presence, making you a top choice in search engine results.
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Knowledge is power

Capture information to truly understand delegate needs. Monitor shopping basket activity and trends to measure completed purchases, while enquiry forms and Google Analytics put performance power in your hands.
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Plus these other great features too!

Successfully target your customers using previous course data

Use data to offer customers a fine-tuned personal experience

Manage your newsletters, mail-outs and subscribers at every step

Integrated analytics means effective measuring of your eCampaign performance

Handle promotions that drive sales and increase loyalty

Receive alerts so you can take action when a customer abandons their cart

Easily produce forecasts and reports that showcase brand leadership

Nurture every possible lead with Workflows and targeted messages

No more duplication errors

Capture the data that matters – from incoming enquiries to the best opportunities

Google Analytics integration, for maximum performance measurability

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