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Dave Evans

Managing Director

Film: Point Break
Book: Behind the Cloud
Song: Molly Chambers
Place: Las Vegas
System Feature: Shopping Basket


Craig Dobson

Technical Director

Film: The Last Samurai
Activity: Aikido
Place: Lake District
Hero: Superman
System Feature: Workflow Engine


Amy Evans

Head of Finance and HR

Activity: Making & baking
Place: Glastonbury
Drink: Wine
Challenge: 3 young children
System Feature: Finance!


Andrew Flook

Head of Sales and Marketing

Film: Goodfellas
Place: Anywhere sunny
Food: Curry
Challenge: Self-assembly furniture
System Feature: Workflows


Stuart Grice

Support Helpdesk Team Leader

Film: Dead Man’s Shoes
Activity: Gym
Place: Gym
Challenge: Squats
System Feature: Document Templates


Jenna Culshaw

Product Manager

Book: Invisible Monsters
Food: Thai
Hero: Wonder Woman
Pet: Snickers the rabbit
System Feature: Report Writer


Jamie-Lee Butterworth

Support Helpdesk Advisor & Implementation Manager

Film: Fight Club      
Activity: Playing guitar
Place: Home
Challenge: EVERYTHING!!!
System Feature: Logs

Chris Hotchkiss

Infrastructure Manager

Activity: Football
Place: Liverpool
Food: Chicken
Drink: Lime & Soda
System Feature: Dashboard

Archit Bhardwaj

Software Maintenance Manager

Film: Saving Private Ryan
Activity: Cricket
Place: Havelock Islands
Food: Aloo Paratha
System Feature: Shopping Basket


Rob Mulville

New Development Manager

Film: Lilo & Stitch
Activity: Unplanned adventures
Food: Roast Dinner
Band: Zero 7
System Feature: Dashboard


Hannah Churchman

Director of Operations

Place: Lake Como  
Activity: Travelling
Food: Mexican
System Feature: Dashboard


Joe Nixon

Business Development Manager

Song: Ty Segall - Thank God For Sinners
Film: Delicatessen
Place: Brisighella, Italy
System Feature: Workflows

Vivek Padala

Software Developer

Film: Matrix 
Food: Mediterranean   
Activity: Drawing
Place: Somewhere sunny!
System Feature: Shopping Basket

Tony Sharples

Software Developer

Book: A Storm of Swords
Song: Karma Police
Activity: Video Games
System Feature: User Interface

Rachael Oldfield

Support Helpdesk Advisor

Film: The Help 
Activity: Music Festivals
Place: Croatia
Band: Foo Fighters
Food: Pizza

Louise Lyon

Customer Success Manager

Film: Home Alone
Place: Disney
Drink: Malibu
System Feature: Smart Grids


Matthew Smalley

Customer Success Team Leader

Film: Shawshank Redemption
Activity: Football
Place: Dublin
Drink: Gin
System Feature: Dashboard 

James Wray

Software Developer

Film: Alien
Food: Ribs
Band: Nirvana

Nick Pearson

Software Developer

Film: The Raid
Band: Queen
Place: Home
Food: Egg noodles 
System Feature: Workflows


Emily Sargant

Implementation Manager

Film: The Time Traveler's Wife
Activity: Performing music
Food: Pizza!
Place: Canada
System Feature: Workflows

Lou Hartley

Customer Success Manager

Film: The Holiday
Place: Disney
Food: Chinese
Activity: Travelling


Daniel Holden

Sales Development Representative

Film: Fight Club
Activity: Road Cycling
Place: Majorca
System Feature: Dashboards

Alice Pearson

Support Helpdesk Advisor

Book: Sense and Sensibility 
Activity: Walking the dogs 
Place: Nashville
Food: Pizza
System Feature: Report Writer

Sarah Bickerstaffe

Customer Success Manager

Singer: Shania Twain 
Activity: Cooking
Film: True Romance
Place: South Africa
System Feature: Merge Fields 

Amity Barker

Marketing Executive

Film: O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Activity: Hiking
Place: Borrowdale, Lake District
Food: Goat's Cheese anything!
System Feature: Workflows

Ellen Greyling

Support Helpdesk Advisor

Activity: Folk Dancing
Place: Jasper, Canada
Food: Chicken Satay
Band: R.E.M 
System Feature: Workflows

Stephen Helvin

Software Developer

Film: Snatch
Activity: Motorcycling 
Place: Crete
Food: Spaghetti Pescatore
System Feature: Workflows

Margaret Brennan

Talent Manager

Favourite song : Vienna by Billy Joel

Favourite band : The Jam

Film: On the Waterfront

Book : Tender is the Night

Food: Mushroom Risotto


Jac Jones

Head of Customer Experience

Song – Helter Skelter 

Film – The Big Lebowski

Place – Hydra, Greece

Activity – Going to a gig

Food – Rhubarb Crumble


John Prempeh

Sales Development Representative

Film: Training Day

Song: Kid Cudi - Pursuit Of Happiness

Place: Damgan-France

System Feature: Workflows

Food: Mum's Jollof rice


Patrick Duigenan

Business Development Manager

Film: Hook
Food: Ribeye Steak
Song: Stevie Wonder, Superstition
Place: Paris
System Feature: Dashboard

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"Amazing people, innovative environment, space for growing and developing skills."

"Not your average workplace." 

"The culture and values are better than anywhere I have ever worked and are actually enacted by the management team (not the case for a lot of places!)."

"One of the company values is "No Ars*holes" which says it all!"

"The best thing about working at accessplanit though is the same thing is has always been, the people, accessplanit have a habit of hiring great individuals who are a pleasure to be around. No one is out for themselves and this means that there is such a great atmosphere and culture. I'm lucky to work here :)"

"Flexible, focused on the business and the people, continuous focus on personal development, friendly environment, an obvious investment back in the working environment."

"Everyone is treated like an adult and trusted to do their work without micromanagement."

"Our views and opinions are heard. Whether it is having a paid day off to work for local charity's or being able to transform the current pool table into a ping pong table - all views are heard and discussed fairly."


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