Meet the Team

We’re not a faceless organisation, we’re an experienced and enthusiastic team, working together to support you and your business

Dave Evans

Managing Director
Film: Point Break
Book: Behind the Cloud
Song: Molly Chambers
Place: Las Vegas
System Feature: Elements
Dave Evans

Craig Dobson

Technical Director
Film: The Last Samurai
Activity: Aikido
Place: Lake District
Hero: Superman
System Feature: Styling
Craig Dobson

Rob Mulville

Software Developer
Film: Lilo & Stitch
Activity: Unplanned adventures
Food: Roast Dinner
Band: Zero 7
System Feature: Elements
rob mulville

Amy Evans

Financial Manager
Activity: Making & baking
Place: Glastonbury
Drink: Wine
Challenge: 3 young children
System Feature: Finance!
amy evans

Andrew Flook

Head of Sales
Film: Goodfellas
Place: Anywhere sunny
Food: Curry
Challenge: Self-assembly furniture
System Feature: Elements

Audrey Clark

Head of Marketing and Customer Experience
Film: As Good as it Gets
Song: Moondance
Place: Penang
Drink: Red wine
System Feature: User Portal


Rob Leack

Business Analyst and Developer Team Leader
Film: The Rock
Activity: Travelling
Place: Edinburgh
Food: Burritos
System Feature: Document Generator

Eli Randall

Customer Success Manager
Film: Gladiator
Activity: Shopping!
Hero: My Dad
Pet: Rabbit
System Feature: Elements

Stuart Grice

Support Helpdesk Team Leader
Film: Dead Man’s Shoes
Activity: Gym
Place: Gym
Challenge: Squats
System Feature: Document Templates

Jenna Culshaw

Implementation Manager
Book: Invisible Monsters
Food: Thai
Hero: Wonder Woman
Pet: Snickers the rabbit
System Feature: Report Writer

Jamie-Lee Butterworth

Helpdesk Support Advisor
Film: Fight Club      
Activity: Playing guitar
Place: Home
Challenge: EVERYTHING!!!
System Feature: Logs

Chris Hotchkiss

Software Developer
Activity: Football
Place: Liverpool
Food: Chicken
Drink: Lime & Soda
System Feature: Dashboard

John Thornley

Senior Developer
Film: Local Hero
Activity: Sailing
Food: Curry
Hero: Fred Dibnah
System Feature: Viability

Archit Bhardwaj

Software Developer
Film: Saving Private Ryan
Activity: Cricket
Place: Havelock Islands
Food: Aloo Paratha
System Feature: Shopping basket



Hannah Churchman

Marketing and Quality Co-ordinator
Place: Dublin  
Activity: Travelling
Food: Mexican
System Feature: Styling


Deena Anise 

Growth Marketer
Film: Inception
Activity: Sunbathing 
Song: Proud 
Food: Chicken Chow Mein

Phillip Ryan 

Business Development Manager
Food: Anything Thai! 
Drink: Coffee 
Activity: Sightseeing
Challenge: Household chores
System Feature:  Document Templates & Elements
LinkedIn Phillip Ryan

Tony Sharples

Software Developer
Book: A Storm of Swords
Song: Karm Police
Activity: Video Games
System Feature: User Interface


Tony Sharples

Simon Davies

Software Developer
Book: Lord of the Rings
Activity: Hiking
Hero: David Attenborough
Challenge: Moving to USA
System Feature: XCRI exporter

Rory O’Halloran

Helpdesk Support Advisor
Activity: Video Games
Hero: Gabe Newell
Food: Thai
System Feature: Form Builder



Kayleigh Fairhurst

Customer Success Manager
Song: Bohemian Rhapsody
Pet: Cloud the rabbit
Book: The Rosie Project
Drink: Iced Tea
System Feature: Course Date Calendar



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