Multiple Providers and accessplanit: Split your system

Manage your courses, resources, and finances per provider

With accessplanit's Multiple Providers, define how each department or site within your company manages their courses, resources, and finances! Multiple Providers allows you to split your system, allowing your providers to function independently to one another, giving you greater control over how your admins use your training management software.

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The benefits

Tailor Your Finances

Define financing options by provider, giving you control over how to charge your users for your courses


Create Courses Per Provider

Set up different courses per provider, allowing you to keep your providers distinct!


Split Your Resources

Keep your resources separate by assigning them to different providers 

Unlimited Providers

Lots of providers? No problem! Add as many as you need!

Provider-Specific Emails

With our training provider-based workflow rules, send emails to your delegates based on the provider they're booking with

Multiple Currencies

Operate internationally? Set up different providers with different currencies to handle your courses abroad.

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About the Multiple Providers

As a training company grows, so does the need to be able split your finances, courses, and resources by department or provider. Enter  Multiple Providers! Multiple Providers  from accessplanit allows you to split your system, giving you greater control over how you manage your courses.

Read more below to see how  Multiple Providers can make even the biggest business easy to manage!

Managing your Training Providers

  • Creating a new training provider is simple and easy - all you need is an existing account, and our Multiple Providers!
  • There's no limit to the number of providers you can make.
  • Different training providers can be made for the different departments, sites, or countries that your business operates in.

Multiple Providers and Finance

  • Define your delegate's payment options per provider.
  • Handling different currencies has never been so easy! Simply set up a different provider for your international courses.
  • Customise your invoice prefixes, logo, and VAT rates per provider.

Multiple Providers and Courses

  • Set up different courses for different providers, keeping your training programs organised.

Multiple Providers and Resources

  • Keep your resources separate by assigning them to a training provider...
  • ...or share them between accounts to give everyone access!

About accessplanit:

The best training businesses manage courses, resources & delegates, automate communications & processes and offer online booking & payment with accessplanit’s award-winning training management software.

With accessplanit's software for training companies and internal training teams, automation arrives, and chaos disappears. Errors reduce, people know what to do, it’s clear where things stand, and everyone’s happy (especially customers).

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