Implementation & support.

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Support & services to achieve the results you want

From initial introduction and launch through to optimisation, our team of experts will guide you through every step of your journey.

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All customers work with an implementation team to configure your platform, map your processes, migrate your data and train your team. Your implementation is the first step to achieving the results you want. 

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Platform launch

We'll work together to plan your launch, we'll guide you through your supported launch period where you will start to achieve tangible results and you'll be introduced to your ongoing accessplanit team. 

Ongoing support

Continuously plan to achieve the results you want with your Customer Succes Manager, solve problems with our customer support team and work with our technical experts on value-adding projects. 

Training & services 

We know that your business doesn't stand still, and we're here to support you while you develop. We offer a range of support services including training, configuration updates and integration set-up. 

Why choose us?

accessplanit is the only training management software that is configured to achieve the results you want.

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We're committed to service excellence

Our team experts will guide you through every step of your journey.

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We know our customers 

Allowing us to configure the software to your needs to get the results you want.

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Training providers get more organised

Our all in one software gives our customers everything they need in one place.

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Working with us

Don't take our word for it. Hear what our customers think about the service and support from the accessplanit team. 


The answers to the questions that we're frequently asked.

  • Do I need software implementation and training?

    Yes. As part of your implementation, our team gets to know you and your business allowing us to configure the software to your needs to achieve the results you want. Our customised training ensures that you and your team are ready to launch your platform and get maximum value. 

  • What's included in my implementation?

    Our team of experts will guide you through your implementation journey:  

    • A dedicated implementation team
    • Kick-off meeting and introductions 
    • Planning Workshop
    • Data migration
    • Software configuration
    • Process mapping
    • Custom training
    • Launch planning
    • Support launch period
  • How long will my implementation take?

    By getting to know you and your business, we'll work together to plan the best implementation for you. Factors include: 

    • The time you and your team are able to commit to onboarding
    • The extent of data migration required
    • The level of customisation required
  • What happens after implementation?

    After your supported launch period, our team of experts will continue to guide you  on your journey:

    • Customer Success
    • Technical support
    • Access to new features
    • Business reviews
    • Technical projects
    • Training and events
    • Product feedback club

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