API Feeds and accessplanit: Integration at its finest

The accessplanit API Feeds are a great way to integrate your other systems with your accessplanit software

Our API Feeds allow you to integrate your information with other other third party software! From employee and customer-based software such as VLE and CRM, to financial and invoicing programs, our API Feeds have the ability to automate data rekeying to save you time and money!

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The benefits

Real-Time Feeds

The API module gives you secure access to a real-time, readable feed of user, account, delegate, course, and financial data!

Keep Everything In Sync

Send your data updates to accessplanit via the API to keep all of your systems in sync

No More Duplicates

Our API module allows you to create new users, delegates, and accounts in accessplanit, preventing duplicate data entry

Eliminate Human Error

The API feed eliminates the chance of human error by copying data to your CRM,  HRMS, and financial systems for you

Save Time

Let the API do the leg work! The API module means that you'll no longer have to waste valuable time rekeying data

Fewer Licences

The API module means that you'll need fewer product licenses for your CRM, HRMS and financial systems as it'll do all the work for you

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About the API Feeds

Purpose of the API Feeds:

The API Feeds can be used to connect the accessplanit training management system to other 3rd party software, such as a CRM, HR, VLE, and financial systems, allowing you to sync your data with ease!

Connecting and syncing all of  your systems together removes the need for double data entry, reduces the risk of human error and eases the time-eating stress of managing multiple systems.

You will need middleware to sit in the middle of the two systems or a developer to connect your systems together.

Fields Available:

There are three packages of API Feeds available within accessplanit. Each contains its own group of feeds, comprising of their own individual fields of data:

User and Account API: Users, Companies, and Company Groups

Course and Delegate API: Course Date, Delegates, and Course Templates

Invoice and Transactions API: Invoice, Transaction, and  Invoice Items

Each feed can be used to read data from, send updates to, and create new records in your accessplanit training management system. To read more about our API feeds, click here

Using the API:

The API Feeds are an addable feature to your accessplanit training management system. If you already have a system, please speak to your Customer Service Manager. If you are considering using accessplanit to manage your training requirements, ask your sales associate about the API Feeds.

About accessplanit:

The best training businesses manage courses, resources & delegates, automate communications & processes and offer online booking & payment with accessplanit’s award-winning training management software.

With accessplanit's software for training companies and internal training teams, automation arrives, and chaos disappears. Errors reduce, people know what to do, it’s clear where things stand, and everyone’s happy (especially customers).

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