Report Writer and accessplanit: Report on the important stuff

Design and run your own custom reports

The Report Writer Module allows you to design and run your own custom reports, based on the data stored in your accessplanit training management system, giving you access to the information you really need!

Report Writer is a powerful tool that allows you to report directly from your system's database meaning that you can access data that wouldn't be available as standard. You can build the structure of a report yourself or manipulate existing reports for flexible capabilities.  


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The benefits

Report On What You Need

Choose exactly which data you want to extract from your training management system for total flexbility

Share Your Reports

Automate the sharing of reports via email to drastically reduce  administration time

Report On Your Custom Fields

Our Report Writer Module allows you to report on even your custom fields and attributes!

Format It How You Like

Present data in the format you want, including charts and pivot reports

Filter What's Necessary

Advanced filtering of data means that you can access and present exactly the information you need to analyse or share

Add Reports to Dashboards

Display your reports on your administrator dashboards, allowing admins to view reports and data at a glance

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About the Report Writer module

Report on what really matters with accessplanit's Report Writer module! Our powerful reporting tool allows you to access information that isn't readily available within the DataGrids, allowing you to combine tables within the system so that you can see everything you need to see in one place.

Keep reading to find out how the Report Writer module can make managing your data a breeze!

Reporting and your data

  • With hundreds of data sources to choose from, you can combine tables from all over the system to display what you really need to see!
  • Select the fields you need to display, and name them what you want.

Formatting your reports

  • Customise your report the way you want - there are plenty of options to choose from, from the colours of your cells to the size of your charts!
  • Add graphs and charts to your reports to summerise your data.
  • With pivot tables, you can quickly get stats to summarise your table!

Filtering your reports

  • See only what you need to see by adding filters to the report! 
  • Filter on anything and everything, from course labels and IDs, to start times and user roles!

Viewing your reports

  • Add reports to Dashboards to give your admins the breakdowns they need to see.
  • You can automatically send out your reports by adding recipients to your report and scheduling it to send out whenever you want!

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