Products and Services and accessplanit: Promote and sell your products

Sell your products and services

The Products & Services module allows you to promote and sell your products and services alongside your courses. You can manage your products; associate them with specific courses; invoice them separately or bundled with courses

£2000 per annum

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The benefits
Store your products & services and the costing information within your accessplanit system
Associate your courses to related products & services, and invoice alongside courses
Display relevant products & services to your customers within your shopping basket

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About the Products and Services module

Managing Products & Services

1. Access my system’s products and services in a DataGrid, via a Main Menu option

2. Create new products and services

3. Categorise my products and services with user-defined categories (custom list items)

4. Edit the details of my system’s existing products and services

5. Delete products and services that are not tied to an existing booking/purchase

Managing Products & Services associations with Courses

1. Associate my products and services to my Course Templates and provide overriding information, such as cost and an alias. These associations will be carried down to my Course Dates, when scheduled

2. Amend (add to, edit and delete) the associated products and services on my Course Dates, including any overridden information

Purchasing Products & Services

1. Add products into my basket to be purchased directly from the Products & Services DataGrid

2. View the purchases related to each product and service

3. Follow a direct booking link for a product, to add it into my shopping basket outside of a booking

4. View the related products and services for the courses I am booking, within my shopping basket

5. Add related products and services for the courses I am booking to my basket, from within my basket

6. Purchase products and services alongside the courses I am booking

7. Be invoiced for products and services, with and without courses

8. Receive a single booking confirmation email, containing the booking summary of my courses and products purchased together

9. Receive an email per product purchase, with more details

Product & Service Administration

1. Adjust the available stock level for my products and services

2. View an audit log of key changes made to my products and services

3. View the product purchases related to each delegate/placeholder

4. Generate invoices for product purchases directly from the purchase record or via the invoice generator

5. Cancel product purchases and generate credit notes to balance off the value