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Using An Online Course Booking System To Simplify Discounts

So you want to improve the marketing of your training company and increase the rates of return for your training services. That’s a given. But how?  You may have trialed discounting with codes and coupons, but found the administration a headache. Read on to discover 4 ways that online course booking software can maximise your use of promotional discounts. 

There’s nothing new about discounts

Discounts and special offers are quite often the norm now in a training environment.  And with effective training management software this marketing tactic can be simplified and automated, making it a simple and essential part of your future marketing plans.

I can’t remember the last time I ate in Pizza Express and didn’t use a voucher. I can’t remember when I wasn’t asked for a clubcard when I shopped at Tesco, or for that matter, when my inbox wasn’t rammed full of fantastic money-off deals from weekend get-aways to local gourmet pub grub.

Making it work in training

By providing your prospects and your existing clients with ‘promo codes’ you can increase engagement and excitement around your programmes and ultimately the numbers taking part. You will also be able to fill the gaps and increase numbers, creating continuity across the calendar and infill less popular programmes. 

But how do you go about this?

Simply by utilising training management software, a whole new world of opportunity opens up to you and allows you to look after and monitor the whole promotional process from one location.  

4 ways online course booking software can maximise promotions

Automated management

Training software allows you to manage the promotion campaign online using an automated promotional code allocation system. This means that individual clients or small pods of clients are provided with their own unique discount code. When these codes are used they are monitored and recorded in reference against existing customer records and sales information so that you know who is training and when. All information goes towards improving your customer’s training experience.

Controlled discounting

The second advantage is that you can set up automated and manual discounting - these can be edited to whatever level you feel is appropriate at the time. These discounts can come in the form of a fixed cost or a percentage saving of the course.

Earlybird discounts

The next tip is to offer early bird discounts, this has two advantages: firstly it makes sure that clients sign up in the quickest time possible, and with online booking this is great for cash flow. Secondly you have the scenario and that you have more people wanting to sign up than there are places for, you have sufficient time available to add more spaces to the course, assign correct room sizes and if necessary organise more trainers.

Group registration discounts

Finally, maximise participation and offer maximum savings to your prospects with group offers. Ensure that a company puts their whole workforce through your training programme by making it particularly attractive to scale up delegate numbers. Band discounts, so that the more people that sign up, the more of a discount they get. Essentially, it becomes cost-effective, and in a company’s best interest to sign as many people up as possible to drive the savings up.

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