Template: Training feedback survey

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Example pre- and post-training feedback surveys

Collecting feedback for your training courses is essential to ensure that you can improve your training offerings and gain insight into what delegates really think of your courses. But what do you ask in a training feedback form and how do you present it?

Your training questionnaire needs to have well-written and helpful questions, presented in an easy-to-follow way. You could ask delegates to complete an online training survey or give them a physical copy to fill in. They are sometimes called happy sheets or evaluation forms. 

To make this task easier for training providers, we have collated the best questions for training surveys to ask your delegates and created these free examples. No need to design a questionnaire or write survey questions - simply download these training survey templates and you are ready to go!

There are three different feedback survey examples in one handy download. The first is a pre-training survey, applicable to all training courses. It's important to gain insight from your delegates before they take the training course, so you can evaluate their progress and measure the impact of your training. 

There are also 2 post-training evaluation form examples. One is an online training feedback form, and the other is tailored for in-person training feedback. They are designed to gain the most helpful feedback so you can gauge the performance of your trainers, the effectiveness of the training environment and the satisfaction of your delegates, no matter the type of training you offer.

There are 2 file types of each template: PDF and Word Doc. The PDF training evaluation form can be instantly printed or emailed. The Word training feedback forms are editable, perfect for adapting the questions to be more suitable according to your brand or training course, or for filling out digitally. 

Simply download the training evaluation templates for instant use, or copy and paste the questions into your preferred online survey platform. 

What's inside?
  • A pre-training survey template with example questions in both PDF and Word formats, reading for printing, sending or editing. 
  • A post-training survey template for online courses with example questions in both PDF and Word format, ready for printing,  sending or editing.
  • A post-training survey template for in-person courses with example questions in both PDF and Word format, ready for printing, sending or editing.