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How Automated Booking Systems Can Support Industry Growth

Training courses remain in high demand – phew that’s good news for all of us. I recently read in a FindCourses Survey that there has been an increased demand for further training amongst  employees over the last 5 years. A second article suggests that a whopping 94% of employees are willing to undertake further training in their own time.

If these results are to be believed then there is an overwhelming demand for, and a belief in, the power of professional training. Whether this is undertaken inside or outside of work hours, and is done within the business or externally by an independent training company, it’s firmly in the power of employers and positive news whatever part of the training food chain we live in.

For example we provide automated course booking systems, so any growth in the training market which results in increased business for individual training companies or organisations, should trigger a need in successful businesses.

This may not be today or tomorrow, but as course demand grows and administration reaches fever pitch, battling with the day to day management can get in the way of planning and marketing, the areas that give your business the edge. This eBook considers 10 areas of your business that automation can support.

Likewise a marked growth in employee development will correlate with a rise in business for the independent training provider.  Studies have also shown that for smaller companies, offering training opportunities is essential for retaining quality staff, and often it’s these companies who have little choice but to outsource.

And, for larger companies whose employees are looking for professional training, or companies who have groups of employees to put through specific qualifications or certification, outsourcing may be the most appropriate solution.   

If your training provider doesn't offer a fully managed service, an LMS can provide the interface and remove the administration mountain.

For training companies, running individual courses alongside a managed service for larger clients can also bring its own administration challenges. That’s where a training management system comes into its own, removes the headaches and guarantees improved efficiencies, customer service and return on investment.

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