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Why Are Online Course Booking Systems So Valuable?

When booking a holiday or ordering a new pair of shoes, where is the first place you would look? A large proportion of us would answer online. Even food shopping has moved on to the web! So why should training and education be any different? Online course booking allows potential customers to search for and register on to training quickly and hassle free.  

According to Findcourses 2015 Training Industry Barometer report more than 1.3 million people used their site to find training in 2014. That is a large number, and surely one that you, as a training provider, would like to be a part of?  

Why should I offer online booking?

24-hour availability

This is the most straightforward and maybe the biggest benefit of offering online booking. Customers can access and book on to your courses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – it’s a no brainer. 

Real time information

Course information can be pulled directly from your course management system, be displayed on your website and update in real time saving a great deal of time inputting updates in two locations.

Ensuring that your website is mobile responsive means that candidates can book on to your courses from a wider range of devices. The figure below demonstrates the increase in popularity in 2014 of searching for courses from mobile devices.

Percentages show how users search for training through mobile devices 

Increased cash flow

With an online course booking and payment system, receiving payment is fast and easy. It eliminates the need to invoice and track whether payments have been made and in turn increases cash flow.

Reduced admin

Essentially online booking through a training management system is completing the administration for you. Taking payment, sending out pre-course information such as joining instructions and following up with candidates in the form of evaluation surveys and marketing emails.

Consider what your administrators could do with this extra time in their day.

10 ways to automate whitepaper

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