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Advantages Of Online Course Booking Systems

According to a recent Microsoft survey the average human’s attention span is 8 seconds. That’s 1 second shorter than that of a goldfish! People now expect the ‘Amazon experience’; the ability to search for and choose a product or service quickly, pay in an instant and have 24/7 access. Advancing technology has created the opportunity to facilitate this. When seeking to implement an online booking system, here are 3 key advantages.

3 advantages of an online course booking system 

1. Convenience

People want an easy way to browse, select, and sign-up for courses. Having an online platform provides users with a convenient way to accomplish this. A large proportion of individuals are comfortable with the internet and favour it as a method of communication, learning, and exchange of information.

Not only is it much easier for the user, it is also more convenient and beneficial for the training provider increasing cash flow with instant payment and giving immediate access to crucial sign-up data.

This sign-up data can also be used to create tailored marketing campaigns providing the opportunity to relevantly promote courses and therefore increase course bookings.  

2. Time

For both the booker and the provider, an online course booking tool saves time. This allows the candidate to browse your other offerings and gives you the opportunity to focus on other important areas like creating new courses rather than spending unnecessary hours on training administration.

Time is an enormous asset in any business. Think of all the time spent manually booking candidates on to courses and all of the admin that surround it. This is no longer necessary with an online system.

Once a system is in place and properly implemented, it is a smooth, quick process for people to book on to and pay for your courses, to be sent joining information and also to receive follow up material. Check out this infographic to explore other areas that can be automated for time savings.

3. Cost

It is costly to pay employees to run a call centre, pull invoices and collect overdue payments. An online platform avoids these costs. You can save a significant amount of money by automating this part of your business. When you add up all of the elements and costs, you can easily observe how much money will be saved by implementing an online system.

You can estimate your savings from an automated system with our ROI Calculator.

And the disadvantages?

It’s true, some people do still prefer face to face or at least voice to voice contact. Adopting an online booking system doesn’t mean this has to change. Offer the option for a candidate to request more information or a call back. This gives you as the provider the flexibility to plan and delegate as appropriate to be more time and cost effective. 

Overall, in today’s fast-paced world, people expect quick and efficient service. Having an online platform is the best way to stay on top of training.

Find out more about accessplanit's online booking and payment software.

Additionally, if you already have an online booking facility here are 6 key questions you should be asking yourself to ensure that you are making the most of the feature. 

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