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5 Practical Tips to Keep Your Training Company Secure Online

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October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). Does your training organisation possess strong cyber security skills? Do you regularly practice 'cyber hygiene'? From ransomware to global DDoS attacks to hacks and phishing scams to... There's certainly no shortage of online security horror stories in the press, their frequency increasing and threatening every level of business. But, honestly, to most people, this all sounds like the stuff of sci-fi. And that's why we have the NCSAM.

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Is Your Learner’s Journey Everything It Can Be?

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Do you know what journey a learner takes with you? Is it simple and seamless or convoluted and confusing? It can be challenging for any training company to ensure that their learners’ journeys flow smoothly. However, the benefits for both your business and your delegates are clear. 

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The 3 E's of Training Company Data: Efficient, Ethical, Effective

Data is everywhere. As we've pointed out before, IBM estimate that we collectively produce around 2.5 exabytes of data every day. That's 2.5 billion gigabytes; or 156,250,000 16GB iPods.

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How To Implement Training Software Effectively In Your Business

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Software implementation: It's often seen as a secondary consideration; an unwelcome and unnecessary expense. After all, you've already plenty of time trialling and demo every system until you find the perfect fit and select your cloud-based training management software - isn't that the most important factor?

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Hiring Trainers: Overcoming the Challenges

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You need a trainer that's right for your business. Not as easy as you'd think, is it? There are all manner of challenges facing training companies today, but resourcing a trainer involves asking plenty of hard questions about your organisation and your offerings (and maybe even a little soul-searching).

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Why Offer Online Course Booking?

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There's not much you can't buy online these days - from the latest movies to healthy snacks - but when it comes to online course bookings, it's a pretty chequered field in the training industry. For every training company offering quick course search and easy check-out with multiple payment options, others firmly stick to putting all courses into an online PDF, requiring the learner to make a call or send an enquiry email.

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7 Tips for Surviving in a Competitive Training Industry

Each year, the training world seems to get just a little bit more competitive, doesn't it? That's certainly the view of 42% of those we surveyed in our Training Industry Benchmark Report (get it right here), who claimed that the biggest challenge to running a successful training business was increased competition. How can you combat against the rising tide of rivals?

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How Training Companies Can Turn Learners into Brand Ambassadors

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How do you market your business, courses and brand? Some of the business is driven by referrals, you've tinkered with social media advertising and Google's remarketing banners - but still, something's missing. Brand ambassadors. 

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Reputation, Referrals and Remarketing: How Training Companies Can Ensure Repeat Bookings

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How do you drum up business? How does your company stand out from the crowd? If you’re anything like the training organisations we surveyed for our Training Industry Benchmark Report 2017, then you probably feel that the most effective marketing methods are… Reputation and referrals.

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9 Tips Training Professionals Need to Know About Social Media Marketing

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In our recent Training Industry Benchmark Report 2017, we revealed that the biggest challenge facing training professionals is successfully marketing courses in an increasingly competitive industry. Little wonder, when you consider that reputation and referrals are still thought of as the most effective ways to market courses, while digital marketing tools like Google Ads and SEO are woefully under-appreciated.

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