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[2018 Update] The 4 Biggest Challenges Faced By Training Companies

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We previously reported on the biggest challenges faced by training companies from our 2016 Training Industry Survey. We found that some of the biggest challenges faced by training companies included increasing costs, growing competition, inconsistent customer experience and a lack of business visibility. This blog provides an updated version for 2018 and explores how the industry has changed.  

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Admin Doesn’t Have to Be a Drag (But Here’s 8 Reasons Why It Is)

How do you feel about the amount of admin you do? Proper administration, and the heroic administrators behind all that hard work, is critical to the success of any training organisation. However, all that repetitive, routine manual input can be incredibly time-consuming, and not always particularly interesting.

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accessplanit Hosts Successful Training Event for Customers

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As a training management system provider, we understand the absolute importance of training. And, that's why we frequently offer free training opportunities for our customers including live webinars, comprehensive help guides and on-site workshops. Last month, 27 of our customers joined us at our offices in Lancaster for a session all about Workflows! Here's how we got on...

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accessplanit Launches North-West Based Event for Training Professionals

We're really excited to announce that we're launching Everest Conference 2018, a first of its kind event in Lancashire designed specifically for training professionals.  The event is designed to show training professionals how to scale their business to new heights.  The event will be held at The Storey , Lancaster on June 7th and is expected to draw an exclusive crowd of over 100 professionals. 

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Where to Promote Your Training Courses Online to Increase Sales

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Do you struggle to advertise your training courses to the right audience? We revealed, in our Training Industry Benchmark Report, that training companies feel the industry has become increasingly competitive – and yet, when it comes to course promotion, digital tools often fall by the wayside in favour of reputation and referrals. Course promotion is, then, one of the biggest challenges faced by training professionals. 

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Discover What the GDPR Means for Your Training Operations with Our Free Webinar

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Is your training company ready for the GDPR? Befuddled by the new regulations? Not sure if your data processes are secure and compliant?  We've got you covered, with a two free webinars to help your training business navigate the incoming GDPR laws to ensure full compliance at all times.

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GDPR for Training Companies: How Our Software Can Help You Towards Compliance

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We’ve made some system changes. Here you’ll discover how our training management system has been updated in response to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations. Whether you’re a processor or controller, you are liable for any third-party supplier you use. As such, if you automate any aspect of your business, your software supplier must adhere to the GDPR principles.

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Why We Introduced Lunch & Learn - And Your Business Should Too

It all started when we were a training company. We needed dedicated training management software that would allow us to efficiently track and manage courses, resources, trainers and delegates. But with no realistic options out there on the market, we developed our own course management system. That decision, over 20 years ago, was the beginning of our drive to ‘learn and improve’ – a core accessplanit value. It’s a commitment we’ve maintained ever since, 

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How Automation Can Help Your Training Business Comply With the GDPR

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It's less than two months until the General Data Protection Regulation comes into force. On May 25th, 2018, businesses around the globe will be processing data in a whole new way - with the threat of increased fines for non-compliance.

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GDPR for Training Companies: Processors, Controllers and Liabilities

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Do you know who in your training organisation is responsible for data protection? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) promises the biggest changes to information security since the Data Protection Act, and in addition to increased rights for individuals, there’s also a change in terminology and increased liabilities for businesses who collect, store and process personal data.

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