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How to Make the Most of SEO and PPC To Increase Course Bookings

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At Everest Conference 2018, Richard Metcalfe and Adam Barwise representing Fat Media gave us an insight into the current trends surrounding SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay-Per-Click), with a case study on the Distance Learning Centre.  The talk began with an overview of SEO aimed at those in the audience unfamiliar with the term. Fat Media accurately described SEO as “...how google ranks your website and how you show up in the search engine results page”. 

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How to Create a Successful Customer Experience Strategy

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If you make it your mission to help customers deliver success for their customers – then you will achieve success for yourself. That was the lesson taken away from inspirational speaker, Ruben Rabago of Gainsight, who joined us at Everest Conference 2018, where the dominant theme was being human first.

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accessplanit Receives Surprise Nomination for Employer of the Year

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At this years’ LMC Apprentice Awards, accessplanit received nominations for Employer of the Year. Full-time apprentice, Emily Sargant compiled the nomination for the award in recognition of the support she has received throughout her apprenticeship. Summing up her experience at accessplanit so far, Emily said, "We are valued as people, not just employees which is a wonderful feeling to have in the workplace."

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Marketing Techniques Your Training Business Needs to Implement

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At Everest Conference 2018, we welcomed HubSpot’s Senior Marketing Manager, Áine Devane, amongst our keynote speakers, to give us an invaluable guide to the inbound marketing methodology and sales alignment in order to increase qualified lead generation.

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Training Industry Benchmark Report 2018 – Where Do You Rank?

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At this year's Everest Conference, we presented the findings of our Training Industry Benchmark Report 2018. What is the most popular training delivery method right now and which one is on the up? How well are training companies marketing their courses? What is the one thing challenging training professionals above all else? 

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[Highlights] Everest Conference 2018: The Training Industry Event

Last week, we were absolutely thrilled to welcome a range of top training professionals to Lancaster for Everest Conference 2018. With a tagline of 'Where Training Teams Come to Scale', the event delivered expert insights to help professionals throughout the training industry scale their business to new heights. 

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8 Ways Automation Has Infiltrated Our Lives (And We Didn’t Even Realise)

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Open up the nearest newspaper — if they still print newspapers anymore — and you’ll likely see, buried somewhere inside, a story about another business that’s investing in automated systems. Zuckerberg and Musk argue over AI. Stephen Hawking fears for our existence. Panic! The robots are coming! Sorry to break it to you. They’re already here.

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[2018 Update] The 4 Biggest Challenges Faced By Training Companies

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We previously reported on the biggest challenges faced by training companies from our 2016 Training Industry Survey. We found that some of the biggest challenges faced by training companies included increasing costs, growing competition, inconsistent customer experience and a lack of business visibility. This blog provides an updated version for 2018 and explores how the industry has changed.  

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Admin Doesn’t Have to Be a Drag (But Here’s 8 Reasons Why It Is)

How do you feel about the amount of admin you do? Proper administration, and the heroic administrators behind all that hard work, is critical to the success of any training organisation. However, all that repetitive, routine manual input can be incredibly time-consuming, and not always particularly interesting.

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accessplanit Hosts Successful Training Event for Customers

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As a training management system provider, we understand the absolute importance of training. And, that's why we frequently offer free training opportunities for our customers including live webinars, comprehensive help guides and on-site workshops. Last month, 27 of our customers joined us at our offices in Lancaster for a session all about Workflows! Here's how we got on...

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