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Using Taster Sessions To Promote Courses

Posted by Hannah Churchman on 29 July 2016

Getting potential customers hyped and excited about your courses is THE most crucial task that any training company faces. So as a marketer how can you promote your training courses effectively in order to maximise your sales? This post takes a look at taster sessions, webinars and other marketing methods which give your customers a glimpse of what you have to offer and the opportunity for you to generate that crucial excitement.  

Topics: Marketing

How To Make Your Customers Happy Using Automation

Posted by Phillip Ryan on 21 July 2016

Customer service is crucial in building and maintaining relationships. This is especially true for training companies as their entire value proposition is based around the customer from the course content to the delivery to the post-event follow up, even if the course offerings aren't face-to-face. But still course delegates continue to have negative experiences. Staying ahead of the competition and upping levels of customer service is increasingly important so how do you get your customers to love you?

Topics: Customer service

Here Is A Method That Helps University Of The Arts Increase Profits

Posted by Audrey Clark on 14 July 2016

Training management software can be used in various ways to increase profits, improve course delivery, automate communication along with numerous other benefits. Our previous blogs in the series have explored how a training management system has been used by companies such as Northamptonshire Police, London Leisure College, Citizens Advice Service and Mace Business School. This blog takes a look at how automating administration has helped University of the Arts London increase profits year on year.

Topics: Administration

3 Proven Benefits Of Training Automation For Trainers

Posted by Hannah Churchman on 12 July 2016

When considering a new business system, it is crucial that all individuals and departments benefit from this change. Resistance is inevitable so it is incredibly important to understand the key priorities of each individual throughout an organisation. Fifth in the series, this blog focuses on the benefits to course trainers. Other posts have explored the advantages to Course Delegates, the Finance Team and even the Sales & Marketing Team.

Topics: Administration

The Life Of A Customer Success Manager

Posted by Deena Anise on 07 July 2016

Here at accessplanit, Customer Success is at the heart of our business. We strive to build lasting relationships with customers to assist them in getting the most out of the training management software that we provide. This philosophy shapes our interactions with customers and results in beneficial, valuable connections. We interviewed one of our Customer Success Managers to provide a better understanding of their day to day activities and give an insight into the importance of the role.

Topics: Customer service

Ensuring A Smooth Transition To A New Business System

Posted by Deena Anise on 05 July 2016

The thought of change can be scary and software is no exception. When it’s time to switch suppliers, how do you know if you are making the right decision? How can you ensure an easy transition to a new business system? We have been through the transition process with a range of clients and using this experience we have compiled a software switching guide. 


Topics: Buying software

Industry Trend: Increasing Demand For Training In UK Rail

Posted by Audrey Clark on 30 June 2016

When was the last time you boarded a train? This morning? Last week? Maybe you hardly ever use the National Rail Service. According to the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) approximately 1.6 billion train journeys have been recorded in the last 12 months. This equates to just under half a million passengers a day! Despite our frequent use of the railway, many of us rarely consider the people and processes behind this industry who support the service on a day-to-day basis.

Topics: Training industry

Why You Should Map Your Customer Journey

Posted by Phillip Ryan on 22 June 2016

I recently came across an interesting post on that looked at the different ways that companies map their customer journeys. It showed that many organisations had defined customer personas in place and were aware of their customer journeys but they didn’t know how to use this information to form a strategy. So, how can you map your customer journey and execute it to see real changes in the way that customers interact with your organisation? 

Topics: Customer service

What Is A Bug And How Does It Get Into Software?

Posted by Hannah Churchman on 15 June 2016

As some of you may be aware (especially parents) today is National Bug Busting Day. The event aims to promote awareness of community hygiene specifically for children and schools. So why on earth is a training management software house interested in such an event? OK, it’s not the kind of bug busting that we usually face but we thought it was a good opportunity to explore the kind of software bugs that we deal with and how we aim to minimise their effects to provide the best service for our customers.

Topics: IT

Here Is A Method That Is Helping Delta KN Improve eLearning Delivery

Posted by Audrey Clark on 09 June 2016

A training management system is a flexible, resourceful piece of software and can be used for several purposes in order to meet business challenges and objectives. This might include ­managing internal and external events, marketing communications, compliance or even eLearning programs. This series focuses on the different ways a TMS has assisted a range of companies with this blog post focusing on how training administration software has added value to Delta KN's global eLearning programs.

Topics: eLearning