The accessplanit Training Industry Benchmark Report 2024

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The Training Industry Benchmark Report 2024


This is our 8th year taking the pulse of the training industry. Our research helps training providers understand key trends in training delivery, technology, sales and marketing, as well as the challenges of the industry which change year on year. This is our 3rd year additionally surveying learners, to understand the training industry from their perspective and evaluate how their demands are being addressed.

This annual report has been designed to inform decision-making and provide an understanding of how other professionals perceive the industry, how this compares to previous years and the opportunities to be anticipated.

Here are some of the key findings from this year's training industry report:

  • In-person classroom training remains the top training delivery method, offered by 86% of providers 
  • In-person classroom training is preferred by 80% of learners, a huge 44% increase in popularity from 2023
  • Almost half of learners say they would find a training course using a search engine
  • Training providers note the increase in popularity of online learning and digital innovation as key opportunities this year
  • Technology such as VR, AR and AI were cited frequently by training providers when asked about their future outlook
  • Creating course material is the most time-consuming administrative task for the majority of training professionals (53%)

What's inside?

  • How learners really feel about training delivery 
  • Training industry challenges and opportunities for the year ahead
  • Trends in training delivery methods 
  • How technology use is evolving and being embraced