Increasing sales of your corporate training packages with training management software

Training providers are facing stiff competition in the corporate training market. With so many options available, it can be challenging to attract new clients and retain existing ones. Creating corporate training packages for your longer-term customers is a great way to reward customer loyalty, increase referrals and ultimately, attract more sales of your courses.

In this article, we will explore some effective ways training providers can increase their sales and grow their business, including:

  • How to target companies to win their business for ongoing training
  • How to increase sales of your corporate training packages
  • Using training management software to boost sales of your training packages

How to target companies to sell corporate training packages

Targeting large corporates to sell training packages requires a strategic approach that takes into consideration the specific needs and preferences of these organisations. Here are some steps that training providers can take to effectively target large corporates:

  1. Identify the right decision-makers

    The first step is to identify the key decision-makers within the organisation who are responsible for employee training and development. This may include HR managers, learning and development managers, or senior executives.

  2. Understand their needs

    Once the decision-makers have been identified, the next step is to understand their specific training needs. This can be done by conducting research on the organisation, its culture, and its goals, as well as by speaking directly with the decision-makers and asking about their training priorities.

  3. Develop tailored training packages

    Based on the needs of the organisation, training providers should develop tailored training packages that address the specific challenges and goals of the organisation. These packages may include a mix of in-person and online training, customised content, and ongoing support.

  4. Highlight the benefits

    When pitching training packages to large corporates, it's important to highlight the benefits of the training, such as increased productivity, improved employee retention, and enhanced employee engagement. This will help decision-makers understand the value of investing in employee training and development.

  5. Use case studies and testimonials

    To demonstrate the effectiveness of their training packages, training providers should use case studies and testimonials from other large corporates that have benefited from their training. This will help decision-makers see how the training can have a positive impact on their own organisation.

  6. Attend industry events and conferences

    Finally, training providers should attend industry events and conferences to network with decision-makers and showcase their training packages. This can be a great way to build relationships and generate leads.

How training providers can increase sales of their corporate training packages

After targeting the right companies to sell your corporate training packages too, there are strategies and general "best practice" to keep in mind to maintain a positive working relationship, increase the chance of word-of-mouth, and attract more sales. Here some effective strategies for selling more corporate training packages:

Understand your target audience

One of the critical factors that can help training providers increase their sales is by understanding their target audience. By understanding their needs, preferences, and pain points, training providers can tailor their training packages to meet their clients' unique requirements. Conducting market research, collecting feedback, and engaging in active communication can help training providers identify their clients' needs and preferences, thereby increasing their chances of success.

Offer a variety of training options

Training providers should offer a range of training options to meet different clients' needs and preferences. For instance, they can offer a mix of online and classroom training, self-paced and instructor-led courses, and micro-learning modules. Offering a variety of options helps clients choose a training package that best suits their schedules, learning styles, and budgets, thereby increasing their chances of signing up for training programs.

Use effective marketing strategies

Marketing is essential for training providers to promote their training packages effectively. They can use various marketing strategies, including social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, and PPC advertising, to reach their target audience effectively. It is also important to create compelling marketing messages and calls to action that encourage potential clients to sign up for training programs.

Offer value-added services

Training providers need to offer value-added services to their clients to differentiate themselves from the competition. This can include pre and post-training assessments, personalised coaching, online learning resources, and ongoing support. By offering value-added services, training providers can create a unique selling proposition that sets them apart from their competitors.

Utilise social media

Social media is a powerful tool that training providers can use to increase their sales. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter provide a platform for providers to showcase their expertise and share their success stories. By engaging with potential clients through social media, training providers can build brand awareness, increase their credibility, and generate leads.

Leverage word-of-mouth marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful way to increase sales. Satisfied clients are more likely to recommend training providers to their colleagues, friends, and family. Training providers can leverage this by encouraging clients to share their positive experiences through testimonials, case studies, and referrals.

Offer ongoing support

Large companies expect ongoing support from their training providers. Therefore, it's important to offer ongoing support to participants after the training program. This can include access to online resources, coaching, and follow-up assessments. Providing ongoing support can enhance the value of your training package and increase customer satisfaction.

Using training management software to increase sales of your corporate training packages

There are so many benefits to using training management software to plan, manage and sell your corporate training packages. 

accessplanit's training management software provides a wide range of features to help training providers streamline their training operations and sell more corporate training packages to large businesses. Here are some of the features of accessplanit that can be used to increase sales of corporate training packages to large businesses:

Comprehensive course management

accessplanit provides comprehensive course management within the platform that enables training providers to create and manage their courses with ease. It allows providers to create custom courses, set up course schedules, manage course materials, and track participant progress. These features help to ensure that courses are delivered in a consistent and professional manner, increasing the likelihood of repeat business from large businesses. 

Automated communications for learners

accessplanit enables training providers to communicate with their participants through automated emails and notifications. This feature helps to ensure that participants are kept informed about course schedules, materials, and assessments. Automated communication also helps to reduce the workload of training providers, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business.

Automated marketing communications

Workflows can be used to automate and streamline various aspects of the training (and marketing!) process. Here are some ways that training providers can use accessplanit's workflows to market more packages to existing corporate customers:

  1. Automated email campaigns: accessplanit's workflows can be used to set up automated email campaigns that target existing customers who have previously attended specific courses or events. By sending targeted emails promoting related courses or events, training providers can encourage customers to sign up for additional training.

  2. Upselling and cross-selling: accessplanit's workflows can also be used to automate upselling and cross-selling efforts. For example, if a customer signs up for a basic course, the workflow could automatically send them information about more advanced courses that build on the skills they have already learned.

  3. Post-training surveys: After a customer completes a training course or event, accessplanit's workflows can be used to send them a post-training survey. This survey can include questions about the customer's satisfaction with the course, as well as their interest in attending similar courses in the future. Based on the customer's feedback, training providers can use accessplanit's workflows to send targeted marketing messages about related courses or events.

  4. Reminders and follow-ups: accessplanit's workflows can be used to automate reminders and follow-ups for customers who have expressed interest in attending a course or event but have not yet signed up. By sending targeted reminders and follow-ups, training providers can encourage these customers to sign up for the course or event.

  5. Personalised recommendations: accessplanit's workflows can also be used to personalise recommendations for customers based on their past training history, preferences, and interests. By sending targeted marketing messages promoting courses or events that are likely to be of interest to individual customers, training providers can increase the likelihood of those customers signing up for additional training.

Powerful BI and reporting tools

accessplanit provides a range of reports that can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of training programs. The reports provide valuable insights into participant progress, course completion rates, and assessment results. This feature enables training providers to demonstrate the value of their training programs to large businesses and make data-driven decisions to improve their training programs. It also offers valuable insights into the effectiveness of training programs, allowing providers to optimise their courses, adjust their content and delivery to suit the needs of their clients better.

Customised learning paths

accessplanit enables training providers to create customised learning paths for large businesses, tailoring their courses to suit the specific needs of their clients. This personalised approach helps to increase client satisfaction, build stronger relationships, and create repeat business.

Checkout basket

accessplanit provides an easy-to-use online checkout basket, enabling large businesses to sign up for courses on behalf of their delegates with just a few clicks. This convenience helps to increase registration numbers, simplifying the registration process and reducing the likelihood of dropouts.

Easy integration

accessplanit can be easily integrated with other software, such as HR systems, CRM systems, and marketing automation tools. This feature helps to streamline the training management process and improve collaboration between different departments. By integrating accessplanit with other software, training providers can provide a seamless experience to their clients, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


In conclusion, selling corporate training packages to large companies requires a targeted approach that meets the company's specific needs. By using strategies such as identifying their training needs, customising your training package, building relationships with decision-makers, providing data-driven results, offering ongoing support, utilising referrals - and of course having great training management software to have everything in once place - training providers can increase their sales and grow their business.

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