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Automated Training Calendars Make Fewer Mistakes

It’s very easy to make a small mistake. We’ve all been there. You’re busy and trying to do too much when you are interrupted and lose concentration for just a moment. These are the times when even the most organised and motivated administrator can make a simple mistake. Dates added manually from two different sources can mean course-wide confusion, cancellations, and ultimately, unsatisfied customers. 

And, in a training environment, one mistake can mean a trainer turning up on the wrong day, resources such as laptops or a training room double booked, or in the worst scenario delegates turning upon the wrong day.

Increased efficiency and reduced error

That’s where a course booking system with full MS Outlook calendar integration comes into its own. The exchange integration function gives users the ability to add or amend diary entries in and any changes are updated instantly and synchronised between the calendars, giving greater diary efficiency and reducing the opportunity for error or double booking. 

And it’s because everyone does make mistakes that we’ve been developing and improving our course booking system for years making it easy to use, removing any room for error and making it easy for training companies to increase the number of courses, trainers and venues running simultaneously.  

In the modern workplace, time is everything and the difference between 12 and 12.15 can have implications across all parties. Let’s face it, miscommunication in most circumstances causes frustration and can lead to breakdown of trust between parties.

For training professionals time is often the most important commodity when organising, managing and conducting courses. The organisation of hundreds of delegates is a tough task, and even if executed well, can leave gaps. To err is human, so to automate this responsibility is a must.

Remote worker benefits

Calendar integration is particularly useful for trainers and co-ordinators working remotely or in the field.  Changes are instant with the details appearing automatically in their personal calendars.  But we are just scrapping the surface with regard to the benefits of an automated system: there are no gaps and no margin of error, processes are carried out exactly and instantly and data is transferred without a thought.

accessplanit’s training management systems have, over the years, been automating increasing areas of the process, to make course organisation less and less of a burden. 

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