accessplanit Releases New Automated Communication Tool

Software shouldn’t be static. The training market is constantly evolving and delegates have ever increasing expectations. It’s crucial to be confident that your training management system can keep up with trends and help support your future business growth. Read on to learn more about our latest system enhancements.   

At accessplanit we understand that some of your key objectives are to grow your business and create a great candidate experience. We can help you achieve this through our Driving Success Programme but this is only part of the puzzle. We work hard to constantly improve our software and our latest example of this is the recent enhancements to our 'Elements' functionality. To explain: Elements are automatic communications sent to candidates, managers, trainers and even to your staff using triggers and automatically sent by the system. 

Today whether you are enquiring, booking or buying on the web, we all expect an instant response, so why should it be any different with course booking?  The trend is that most internet transactions take place out of office hours, so if you are still sending confirmation emails manually it’s easy to see why this causes confusion and creates an admin headache. We aim to remove this pain from your organisation and are constantly improving this functionality to make it as useful as possible.

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Increased communication trigger options

Within the last 6 months we have made some key changes to our automated communication tool (Elements) to create greater flexibility for our customers and their candidates. One aspect of this has been increasing the number of Element trigger options within the system. We have always offer the ability to send communications based on a candidates status (such as booked, cancelled, transferred) as well as a date trigger, such as the day before a course (when a reminder SMS can work wonderfully).

We have now added the ability for communications to be sent based on the status of a course – for example, if a course is cancelled you may wish to send very different communications than if a candidate cancels!

In addition to this, administrators now have the ability to adjust what time they would like these communications to be triggered. Do you want all your date triggers to go out at 10am? No problem!

Greater communication content ability

Another recent system enhancement is the mail merge content that can be included in your communications. Mail merge fields allow you to personalise your communications with candidate information (for example their name and details of the course) enabling you to set up a communication only once which will then appear personalised for every candidate on any course date.

This hugely popular aspect of our system has recently been improved and now includes extra values such as an iCal link enabling candidates to download details of a course to their calendar, details of course duration and the booking cost and type. Ultimately, this means that when creating communication workflows there are even more opportunities for automation.

Creating communication workflows through automation

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