Resource Management

Effectively manage your trainers, venues, courses, equipment and more on one platform

Resource Management for Training Teams

Easily manage trainers, venues, equipment, locations, schedules, pricing and other resources

Resource management made easy

Easily coordinate the resources you need for a successful training event. Courses. Trainers. Equipment. Venues. Bookings. Our easy-to-use training management software means in one glance you're on top of your training operations.

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accessplanit’s resource management software for training

Sync up your operations

With links to Outlook and Exchange, trainer portals and the ability to specify resource availability, resource clashes become a thing of the past. Imagine a software for training companies that allows you to automate communications to your venues, trainers and learners to ensure your training events are chaos free.

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Example of automated communications via course management software

Provide access for your trainers

Provide a My Teaching area for your trainers, tutors and associates to allow them to record delegate attendance, generate documents including sign-in sheets, access delegate pre and post course feedback, define availability and much more.

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Training professional working more efficiently

Remove workplace chaos with effective training resource management

Give trainers the power to enter availability, download course materials, and check out their schedules

Manage trainers, venues, equipment, locations, schedules and pricing from one central location

Manage your all-important internal and external resources, from trainers to venues to equipment

Allow trainers to automatically submit learner attendance with Electronic Signatures - no more paper registers!

Sync up the system with Outlook calendars making resource clashes a thing of the past

SMS-enabled for simple sending of reminders, updates and alerts

Exchange integration makes managing trainer diaries easy

Reduce resource administration time by 50%

Provide a My Teaching portal to allow trainers to stay on top of their assigned courses

Automated communications make keeping all trainers, venues and key contacts up to date easier than ever

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