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What does a buyer really want? An insight [Survey results]

Posted by Audrey Clark on 30 September 2015

It can get frustrating constantly being asked to take part in surveys. This week alone, I have been offered a card or a code by two retailers to provide feedback. However, as a Marketer I am fully aware of how important it is to gather information and the value that it can add for the consumer. 

Topics: Business Intelligence

Pleased to have achieved Customer Service Excellence Award!

Posted by Hannah Churchman on 22 September 2015

As a software house, we feel that our levels of customer service and support really do set us apart from the crowd. Software suppliers are sometimes seen as too machinelike and as not having enough of a human touch. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that this month (September 2015) we gained the Customer Service Excellence (CSE) Award. 

Topics: Customer service

Promotion is power – how to increase your course bookings

Posted by Andrew Flook on 17 September 2015

Being a training provider, it can be easy to expect customers to come to you when they have a requirement. But it is crucial to understand that there are probably many other providers that offer exactly what you do. However if you do happen to be the only one in a 500 mile radius, do consumers know what it is that you provide and see you as a trusted, knowledgeable supplier?


Topics: Marketing

Introducing our new Resource Centre!

Posted by Hannah Churchman on 15 September 2015

When exploring a new topic or looking to make a new purchase, research is key. That is why we have just added a dedicated, easy to browse area where all of our resources can be found! The aim of the Resource Centre is to facilitate individuals looking to further their knowledge in the field of training management and also to support the process of researching, selecting and purchasing an automated system. 


Topics: Buying software, On line booking, Marketing, eLearning

Supporting 55,000 learners across Europe [Series]

Posted by Audrey Clark on 10 September 2015

A training management system is an extremely versatile piece of a software. From running events and handling driver offences to providing a platform to manage exams and stay on top of employee compliance. This 10 part series looks at the varied ways a course management system can be utilised. The first in the series focuses on how Musgrave use a system to support 55,000 employees' Learning & Development across Europe. 

Topics: Learning and Development

Considering an online course booking system? 3 key advantages

Posted by Hannah Churchman on 08 September 2015

According to a recent Microsoft survey the average human’s attention span is 8 seconds. That’s 1 second shorter than that of a goldfish! People now expect the ‘Amazon experience’; the ability to search for and choose a product or service quickly, pay in an instant and have 24/7 access. Advancing technology has created the opportunity to facilitate this. When seeking to implement an online booking system, here are 3 key advantages.

Topics: On line booking

Exploring the benefits of automation to your Finance team [Series]

Posted by Hannah Churchman on 02 September 2015

When introducing a new process, system or solution into a business it is imperative that all members of the organisation buy in to the chosen method. Priorities differ from role to role making it important to understand individual and departmental needs. It is also key to identify what the benefits would be to yourself and your team. The first in the series, this blog will be taking a look at advantages of an automated system for the Finance department.  

Topics: Buying software, Finance

Customer success 1 year on: 5 lessons learned

Posted by Eli Wike on 26 August 2015

It’s been just over a year since I made the transition from a role in Sales and Account Management to Customer Success Manager, setting up a new department and championing our vision to work with customers and assisting them to utilise their training management software to drive success.

Topics: Customer service

Managing your resources effectively for maximum ROI [4 tips]

Posted by Kayleigh Fairhurst on 20 August 2015

Managing company resources is a necessary but time consuming and sometimes complicated task. It is easy to leave it until the last minute to draft in a trainer for a course or scramble around the store cupboard for a projector. Additionally, it can be difficult to allocate resources when it is unclear when venues are free or who is using what equipment. Is this way of working going to achieve maximum ROI?

Topics: Resource management

10 ways to automate using a training management system [Infographic]

Posted by Hannah Churchman on 12 August 2015

Automating your business processes is like putting jam on toast; it just makes sense. Automation software is everywhere from finance to marketing to customer relationship management but have you ever wondered what the benefits of implementing a dedicated course management system or LMS could be to your training business? We have created an infographic outlining the key ways it can do just that. 


Topics: Administration, To streamline administration