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Happy to REPORT on another great training day!

Posted by Audrey Clark on 16 October 2014

This week we held a customer training day at our head office in Lancaster to explore reporting.  The reporting tool can sometimes appear daunting due to its powerful nature, and even customers who use it regularly were keen to learn tips and tricks to improve their current practice.  The course was well received evaluation confirmed that attendees felt more confident after the event.

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Using SMS effectively in training administration

Posted by Audrey Clark on 14 October 2014

Text messaging is such a common form or communication today, so much so that it’s not limited to social use between friends and family.   Receiving text messages is now perceived as a normal customer services function, used for appointment reminders or an alert from a retailer regarding orders, or tracking parcels. 




How important is a demo when selecting software?

Posted by Audrey Clark on 06 October 2014

5 questions to ask

I would be interested to hear your views on your experiences when purchasing your last software system, and what you would do differently if you undertook the same process again. 

Sure it’s important to dive in and take a good look at any prospective system, what better way to really find out if you like the software and if it could work for you.  But do you do this in the early stages of the research stage, or towards the end of your investigations when you have narrowed down the field?


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When is a happy sheet not happy?

Posted by Audrey Clark on 11 September 2014

I guess when the results don't actually tell you anything!  My last blog suggested that the role of the traditional happy sheet distributed at the end of a training session was limited if not dead.  And, some of the feedback I received confirmed that I’m not alone in this assessment.




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Creating content for online surveys: 4 useful tips

Posted by Audrey Clark on 04 September 2014

Whilst training management software may be useful in reducing the amount of admin that trainers have to deal with, it can also be a crucial part of the marketing function too. Online surveys are growing in popularity, and here’s why trainers should be tuned into them, and some useful tips on generating content...



Topics: Customer service

LMS software: supporting globalised uniformity

Posted by Audrey Clark on 22 August 2014

Localised businesses are very rapidly becoming a thing of the past as companies take full advantage of progress in communications and infrastructure to enter new markets and create new opportunities. Whilst these opportunities are seen as positive by many, globalisation does have a sting in its tail creating new challenges for business leaders. How can you stay ahead of the game?

Topics: Learning and Development

Why the happy sheet is so last year?

Posted by Audrey Clark on 21 August 2014

OK, so sometimes it might be hard to take, but we all know the truth: If you want to improve at something and be sure that you are performing at your very best, you need to accept some good old-fashioned honest feedback once in a while.

Topics: Business Intelligence

5 quick wins for the HR team

Posted by Audrey Clark on 18 August 2014

The mutual benefits of training employees and up-skilling have been well documented. Retention rates rise, motivation is bolstered and productivity heads in the exactly the same direction. Today the question is this: what role is technology and in particular LMS playing in simplifying learning and development, and perhaps more importantly, what should this look like?

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Six ways to enhance delegate customer service experience

Posted by Audrey Clark on 30 July 2014

Effective customer service should be a must for all trainers and course providers, and getting it right could be easier than you think.  Training management software has the functionality to support any business with a keen eye on customer service.  We’ve all done it; you call up to register on a course and can’t get through....  You try few times, then decide to try later.  The question is do you, or do you find an alternative?

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With short courses and CPD expanding how does your admin stand up?

Posted by Audrey Clark on 23 July 2014

With a minimum cost of £9,000 per year for student to attend university full time, the debate remains healthy on the merits of vocational qualification v’s university education.  Although slightly out of date, I think this infographic from the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) is food for thought University Education – is it the best route into employment?

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