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The mobile takeover: 6 reasons to incorporate mobile learning into your strategy

Posted by Kayleigh Fairhurst on 20 May 2015

We are steadily shifting to a nation of predominantly mobile users and it is refusing to slow down. More than 7 times the amount of mobile devices than PC’s are expected to be purchased this year. So why not utilise this in your learning strategy?

Topics: LMS user portal, eLearning

New training management system - 7 need triggers

Posted by Audrey Clark on 15 May 2015

Training is training, and whether you manage in-house training or your organisation sells training, the way you manage the administration surrounding courses often takes a poor second place to the actual course content. 

Topics: Buying software, Administration

Learning more about training management software

Posted by Eli Wike on 05 May 2015

As a provider of training management software, it seems logical that we put a great deal of emphasis on training and supporting our customers.  We do this in a number of ways, but one of our most popular resources are shared customer training days.  


6 reasons why everybody loves administrators

Posted by Hannah Churchman on 24 April 2015

Today marks the final day of Administrative Professionals Week, the week that celebrates all office professionals for the hard work and tremendous effort that they put in to support their organisations. We asked the social media community ‘what are you most thankful to your administrators for?’. Here is a roundup of the top 6…

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Who is Jon Snow?

Posted by Hannah Churchman on 15 April 2015

He’s all over my Facebook newsfeed, my Twitter timeline and my Instagram feed. So why is the silver haired, channel 4 newsreader everywhere I look lately and why does everybody suddenly think that he is the biggest hunk since Brad Pitt in his prime? 

Oh, a different Jon Snow? My mistake.  



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Exploring the key elements of training management [Infographic]

Posted by Hannah Churchman on 10 April 2015

So you're on the hunt for a new way to automate your administration processes, but where do you start? Who do you involve? What are you looking for? Is there anything you're missing? Argh it's enough to need a system for in itself! Isn't there an easier way?

Check out this infographic which provides a visual nine step guide to successful automation.



Topics: Buying software, Administration

First UK training management software house to achieve ISO 9001!

Posted by Audrey Clark on 02 April 2015

For the past year we have been working towards ISO 9001:2008 certification, the most widely used and internationally-known framework for business systems, and we are over the moon to announce that we have been assessed and successfully operate our Quality Management System in compliance with the requirements!


Topics: Training industry

6 key questions you should ask yourself about your online course booking process

Posted by Kayleigh Fairhurst on 19 March 2015

As recently as a couple of years ago the ability for your customers to book courses online was viewed as a nice-to-have, but in 2015 this facility is now an essential. More than this though, as consumers have become more and more familiar with other areas of online shopping they now expect a smooth, intuitive booking and payment process. Whether you currently offer online course booking or it is an area you are looking to go into there are 6 key questions that you should be asking yourself. 


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Jamie wins big at Apprentice Celebration Awards!

Posted by Hannah Churchman on 16 March 2015

On Thursday 12th March our first Helpdesk Apprentice, Jamie-Lee Butterworth scooped two awards at the LMC 2015 Apprentice Celebration Awards; Apprentice of the Year and Most Dedicated Apprentice. The reason that we put Jamie forward for the awards is that he is an asset to the business, regularly receiving excellent feedback from staff and customers alike. He has made such an impact that we hired our second Helpdesk Apprentice 5 months ago. If you are having any hesitations about employing an apprentice, take a look at this great infographic by Lifetime Training.

Topics: Customer service

Customer Success – Is it just lip service?

Posted by Eli Wike on 09 March 2015

At accessplanit, Customer Success is part of our DNA and central to our ethos.  It shapes every interaction that we have with our customers and is the cornerstone of our business growth.  And because we live and breathe it, it’s easy to forget that for some the idea of Customer Success is quite novel and for others it’s merely lip service with no substance! Let me explain.

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