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Promoting training courses: 10 quick wins [Infographic]

Posted by Audrey Clark on 26 June 2015

How do you currently promote your courses?  Are they on your website?  Do you target previous delegates? Are you advertising?  I guess you probably do all of this and more, but do you blog?  If you do or if you are considering blogging around your course content, check out our 10 quick wins.

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Why feedback is a training company’s best asset

Posted by Hannah Churchman on 18 June 2015

“How do I know if my courses are really successful?” The question that is on all Training Manager’s lips. It is all about gaining good quality feedback and using it! Join Kayleigh on Thursday 25th June for a 30 minute ‘Gaining Quality Feedback’ webinar which will go into more detail about gaining quality feedback. 

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Spreadsheets are STILL the most popular tool for training companies

Posted by Audrey Clark on 17 June 2015

As a training management software house I’m always keen on any valid research undertaken with training businesses which identify what triggers the need to streamline business processes. Software Advice, a software selection and review website, talked to 385 companies searching for a learning management system LMS. The research is really interesting although there were no real surprises, particularly on how many companies still rely on standalone spreadsheets! Here are some of the key findings:-

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World Environment Day: automate course booking and save the planet!

Posted by Audrey Clark on 05 June 2015

Apparently we are consuming more natural resources than the planet can possibly sustain. But is it really a surprise?  Today, Friday 5th June is World Environment Day, a day aimed at raising awareness about the decline of natural resources and encouraging us to do something about it.  




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LMS: For when a CRM doesn’t cut it

Posted by Hannah Churchman on 27 May 2015

You’ve got your shiny new CRM up and running. It’s great for keeping on top of your ever increasing amount of leads and prospecting new ones but now you’re having trouble with the administration of the courses that you’re pitching. The main issue with a CRM for training providers is that delegate information is often out of context and not logically linked to the courses that you run.

Topics: Buying software, Administration, CRM

The mobile takeover: 6 reasons to incorporate mobile learning into your strategy

Posted by Kayleigh Fairhurst on 20 May 2015

We are steadily shifting to a nation of predominantly mobile users and it is refusing to slow down. More than 7 times the amount of mobile devices than PC’s are expected to be purchased this year. So why not utilise this in your learning strategy?

Topics: LMS user portal, eLearning

New training management system - 7 need triggers

Posted by Audrey Clark on 15 May 2015

Training is training, and whether you manage in-house training or your organisation sells training, the way you manage the administration surrounding courses often takes a poor second place to the actual course content. 

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Learning more about training management software

Posted by Eli Wike on 05 May 2015

As a provider of training management software, it seems logical that we put a great deal of emphasis on training and supporting our customers.  We do this in a number of ways, but one of our most popular resources are shared customer training days.  


6 reasons why everybody loves administrators

Posted by Hannah Churchman on 24 April 2015

Today marks the final day of Administrative Professionals Week, the week that celebrates all office professionals for the hard work and tremendous effort that they put in to support their organisations. We asked the social media community ‘what are you most thankful to your administrators for?’. Here is a roundup of the top 6…

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Who is Jon Snow?

Posted by Hannah Churchman on 15 April 2015

He’s all over my Facebook newsfeed, my Twitter timeline and my Instagram feed. So why is the silver haired, channel 4 newsreader everywhere I look lately and why does everybody suddenly think that he is the biggest hunk since Brad Pitt in his prime? 

Oh, a different Jon Snow? My mistake.  



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