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Customer success 1 year on: 5 lessons learned

Posted by Eli Wike on 26 August 2015

It’s been just over a year since I made the transition from a role in Sales and Account Management to Customer Success Manager, setting up a new department and championing our vision to work with customers and assisting them to utilise their training management software to drive success.

Topics: Customer service

Managing your resources effectively for maximum ROI [4 tips]

Posted by Kayleigh Fairhurst on 20 August 2015

Managing company resources is a necessary but time consuming and sometimes complicated task. It is easy to leave it until the last minute to draft in a trainer for a course or scramble around the store cupboard for a projector. Additionally, it can be difficult to allocate resources when it is unclear when venues are free or who is using what equipment. Is this way of working going to achieve maximum ROI?

Topics: Resource management

10 ways to automate using a training management system [Infographic]

Posted by Hannah Churchman on 12 August 2015

Automating your business processes is like putting jam on toast; it just makes sense. Automation software is everywhere from finance to IT to customer relationship management but have you ever wondered what the benefits of implementing a dedicated course management system or LMS could be to your training business? We have created an infographic outlining the key ways it can do just that. 


Topics: Administration, To streamline administration

Why tracking training matters

Posted by Hannah Churchman on 06 August 2015

A phrase many training professionals recognise is, "it did not happen if we cannot track it". While that phrase can induce deep sighs, there are reasons it is so common, and reasons why it is so very true. More importantly, there are ways to accomplish it while eliminating the sound of sighs.

Topics: Safety

Enhanced communication triggers [New feature]

Posted by Eli Wike on 29 July 2015

call-box-phone-box-phones-public-large-992342-editedSoftware shouldn’t be static. The training market is constantly evolving and delegates have ever increasing expectations. It’s crucial to be confident that your Training Management System can keep up with trends and help support your future business growth. Read on to learn more about our latest system enhancements. 



Topics: Customer service

Training companies: are you communicating effectively?

Posted by Kayleigh Fairhurst on 23 July 2015

Do you need to make 3 trips a day to the Post Office to keep your course delegates informed? No, of course not. It is now 2015, the age of email, mobile and social media, communication channels are so simple and easily accessible that it is alarming that so many organisations are getting it wrong! 

Topics: Customer service

Software explained: TMS, LMS, CMS, CRM, ERP, SaaS

Posted by Hannah Churchman on 21 July 2015

TMS, LMS, CMS, CRM, ERP, SaaS, all these acronyms abound in modern software systems, but what do they all mean? There is much confusion surrounding software today and even more confusion as to identifying the right software solution for your business. Here is a general overview of some of the different types of software on the market and which one may be most suitable for your needs.

Topics: Buying software, CRM

2015: How was your first half? 3 measures of success

Posted by Audrey Clark on 15 July 2015

It’s that time of year again, time to review the previous six months: what went well and what can be done better for the next half?  For anyone working in education, this time of year may signify the time to wind down.  However, it also provides a great opportunity for reflection before the summer ends and the chaos of the new academic year begins.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Education

Training Companies: 5 reasons to use Content Marketing

Posted by Audrey Clark on 10 July 2015

How many training companies currently engage in content marketing as part of their marketing strategy? This is information I don’t have, but my guess is probably more than I think, but fewer than could or should be! 

The information I do have is taken from the third annual Content Marketing in the UK 2015: Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends and produced from UK for-profit marketers.



Topics: Marketing

Using training management software to enhance customer service

Posted by Audrey Clark on 03 July 2015

Controle_distance-618672-editedI recently stumbled upon an interesting piece of research from the online analysis firm Software Advice regarding help desk software. They quote a Gartner report which suggests that 89% of businesses plan to compete solely on customer service in 2015!

So why do I find this interesting? I guess there are two main reasons: 1. From a training business perspective - using software to improve customer experience and gain a competitive advantage. And, 2. From a software supplier perspective – how important is it to offer the right level of customer support?

Topics: Customer service, Buying software, Commercial Training