What is a Training Management System? [The Ultimate Guide]

Your complete guide to what a training management system is, what it isn't and how you can utilize training technology in your business

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What a training management system is

A training management system (TMS) is software for training companies, that automates training-related tasks and helps organize and schedule courses, resources and attendees. The aim of a training management system is to bring all training operations together on one central platform; to allow your business to grow; your customers to be more satisfied, and your team to all row in the same direction without anything getting missed.

Functionality typically includes course and resource management; automated communications; delegate tracking; task management; reporting; document generation, and CRM.

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What a training management system isn't

A training management system isn't a performance management system, HR platform or an assessment tool. While there are overlaps with a learning management system (LMS), the main difference is intent: a TMS is built for training managers; course administrators; customer service teams, and business owners. An LMS is built for learners, to facilitate front-end learning.

While learner experience is important, it is not the only factor that contributes to happy customers. Having streamlined back-end processes, supported by a training management system, means all of your operations run smoothly and nothing falls through the cracks. 

56% of training professionals are yet to invest in automated training management technology

If you're one of these providers- this page will guide you through everything you need to know about training management systems and how training tools could benefit your organization.

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Training Management System Model

What is a training management system? This model breaks down the key components of training management software. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need a training management system?

When a business decides to invest in training process automation, there's a few triggers that we commonly see:

  • They want to grow their training business, but they've hit a ceiling 
  • Issues caused through human error are increasing
  • Course inquiries are increasing but the workload is becoming unmanageable 
  • Their admin team is close to burn out
  • It's difficult to look up training completion, monitor upcoming qualification renewals or track certification
  • They have their training information in lots of different systems which makes it difficult to gain a complete overview of the business 
  • Increasing admin resource and workarounds are being used just to get the job done
  • Important tasks are slipping through the cracks and it is beginning to impact their service and reputation
  • They need to standardize the way their business or department operates
  • They want to improve customer satisfaction (reputation and referrals are recognized as the #1 marketing techniques by training professionals.)  

Do any of these challenges sound familiar? In most businesses more than one of these triggers applies. 

What is the difference between a training management system and a CRM?

A training management system is designed to manage course attendees' and customers’ course bookings, from payment through to delivery whereas a CRM is designed to take care of the beginning of the customer journey including generating leads, tracking opportunities and managing the sales pipeline.

A CRM may also come back into play at the end of the journey in ways such as offering re-booking discounts or suggesting other courses that could be of interest. However, the CRM doesn't fill in the middle bit. This is where a training management system comes in. This table provides a side by side comparison of a training management system and CRM:

Functionality  CRM  TMS
 Lead management
Quote management
Opportunity management 
Contact management 
Sales forecasting  
Sales targets  
Notes & documents
Meetings tracking
Automated communications
Outlook integration
Finance integration
Course management  
Resource management  
Online course booking  
Website integration for course advertising  
Text Messages
Tasks & Reminder
Compliance tracking  
Certificate generation  
Email marketing
Invoicing & payment
Discounts & vouchers
Learner portals  

Ultimately, a CRM and TMS can work together in sync to harmonize the entire end-to-end customer experience but a CRM alone is not enough to manage a training business effectively. 

Download CRM vs Training Management System eBook for more detail.

What makes a good or bad training management system?

This all depends on what you want. If you are looking for a simple event management tool or somewhere to host eLearning, then there are plenty of off-the-shelf systems on the market. However, if you're looking for a centralized system to manage and automate all of your training operations then you need to do a bit more digging.

If you are seriously considering course management software for your training business then there are some questions that you need to answer before you make a start:

  • How many courses do you run annually, and how many attendees register for each course?
  • Do you use a number of venues, hire external trainers and manage equipment?
  • Do you manage training for clients or are your courses public facing?
  • Is it easy for clients to make multiple bookings for a number of attendees?
  • Do you currently (or want to) offer discounts, special offers or promotions?
  • Do you manually book attendees and distribute invoices?
  • Is it easy for attendees to cancel, re-book and be added to waiting lists?
  • Do you lose track of how many pieces of communication you issue to delegates, trainers, venues or suppliers related to one course?
  • Do your trainers have mobile access to course delegate lists, sign in sheets and course documents?
  • Is reporting, such as tracking attendance and finances essential to your business?
  • Would document generation of course materials, such as sign in sheets; name badges; evaluation surveys, and certificates be useful?
  • Do your clients require visibility of their employee training?

Once you have defined your criteria then you have your own clear list for deciding whether a training management system is good or bad

There are a lot of different terms around - what else is a training management system known as?

There's lots of terms that are used interchangeably to describe training management software including: training management system; course management software; software for training companies; training business software; training booking system; course administration system; training admin software; training CRM, and many more!   

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