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How To Relieve Your Admin Workload With Training Company Software

If you’re in the training industry, you’ll certainly be aware of the amount of time spent dedicated to creating; managing, and updating training events; course bookings; resources, and finance reporting. You’re probably also aware that there are many software options out there to help you streamline your admin processes.

Often, software will only manage one aspect of your administration, and we all know the frustration that can come with using a vast number of disparate systems! It’s important to find a software that can limit this segmentation of tasks, and bring all your day-to-day processes under one roof. The best systems out there for training management companies are dedicated Training Management Systems, as they are specifically designed for training providers, to manage every aspect of your training business.

When it comes to training and development, your time and effort should be spent designing and delivering the most powerful learning programmes; marketing events, and working on your customer experience- the things that will help your business grow; not the laborious administration tasks behind it all.

How Can Training Company Software Help?

Software is big business today, and there are thousands of companies out there offering software tools for a whole range of admin tasks- marketing; project management; finance; customer relationship management; campaign management - the list is endless. What they all have in common, is automation. Automation is designed to remove the labour-intensive processes from a particular area of your business, enabling you to be more efficient.

reasons to invest in a training management system

Training Management Software Can Relieve These Workload Pains:

Offer online booking and payment

Online booking is a modern day essential for every growing training business. An online booking system means that bookings can be taken 24/7, which not only increases the overall convenience for your potential attendee, but reduces the resource and admin time of taking a booking over the phone.

Cloning Courses

There is nothing worse than doing the same task twice when it comes to administration. With accessplanit functionality, previously created courses can be duplicated and added to the course schedule, removing the need for any extra manual input. 

Make evaluation easy

Training course evaluation not only measures how happy your customers are but also helps to determine the effectiveness of your programs, trainers and course materials, so you can make the right changes that will improve your offerings. A Training Management System can collate and format answers, providing an actionable and easy-to-use data report.

Read about: why you should be using digital satisfaction forms and how to make the best of customer feedback.

Automate your website updates 

A permanent course schedule on your website can be automated to stay up-to-date with information about attendees and courses. This means that information does not need to be duplicated manually, saving a vast amount of time. 

Track in real time

Course availability is updated automatically, giving delegates the most up-to-date and accurate information. This means if someone has missed out on a course, they can ensure they get a place on the next one. 

Automated communications

Communication can be automated based on triggers within the system. This means that once your emails and workflows are set-up, you can be sure that your learners and trainers are getting the right information, on time and without costing you any extra admin work. With a flexible system like accessplanit, any communication is possible but some common examples include joining instructions; certificates; invoices, and follow-up marketing emails. 

Risk of errors is eliminated 

With all of these great features working together, the risk of errors and breakdowns in communication are greatly reduced. All the required information is shared instantly and seamlessly, from booking; to calendar; to individual timetables, as a part of one large, automatic network. 


Allowing administration tasks to devour resources is just one of the most common and costly mistakes made by training organisations. To find out what the other 4 are, download 'The costliest mistakes in training' whitepaper. 

The 5 costliest mistakes in training

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