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5 Things To Consider When Implementing New Training Management Software

Integrating or updating a new piece of software into an existing system can be a huge challenge for businesses. There tend to be a lot of barriers to overcome during implementation that can put businesses off even starting the process.

At accessplanit, we try to make the process of setting-up your new training management system as simple and pain-free as possible. We're trying to shift thinking in terms of integrating new training management software, by providing five steps to consider when approaching new software integration.  

The thought of change can be scary; software is no exception. When it’s time to think about switching to training management software, how do you know if you are making the right decision? How can you ensure an easy transition within your business? These five steps will help you to answer some of these important questions.

Some main barriers when considering a new training management system include:

  • Will it fit in with my existing software?
  • How does it work?
  • Will I get any support?

This 5-Step Mini-Guide Looks At The Steps You Can Take When Considering Changing Or Updating Your Current Software System.

1. Identify why

The first step in the process is to identify why you want to update and integrate new software into your existing system. Here are some common reasons: 

  • Best practice – Do you want to benchmark and fall in line with the rest of the industry?
  • Admin overload – Is your administration process taking too long and causing your staff to become inefficient?
  • Moving into the digital age - Do you want to be able to provide on-line eLearning programs as well as, or instead of existing courses?
  • Expanding business opportunities - Do you want to offer 24/7 online course booking and eCommerce?

Our article "Do I need a new training management system?" explores the triggers for change and identifying the need for new software in more detail.

2. Which program?

The beauty of understanding ‘why’ in step 1 means that step 2 should be much easier to complete, because now is the time to identify which piece of software is going to be the most effective for your business needs.

Working with flexible software providers is a must, because they will offer modular options around software. So, for example, at accessplanit we divide our additional software tools into modules, which means that clients can select which areas they integrate and when.

Download our Ultimate Guide To Selecting Software for even more insight into choosing the right software for your business!

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3. Employee buy-in

Get your staff on board. The people within the organization will fear what they don’t understand so involve them in the changeover process. Keep staff updated and engaged throughout the change.

If one of your aims is to introduce online booking, so that your business can become exposed to a new global market (which means expansion and fresh opportunities for staff) – tell people that! Don’t let people make their own assumptions.

4. Training and development

Following on from step 3, it’s crucial that the training and development is in place to ensure staff are competent users of the new system. A quality software house will insist on training for clients to ensure they are getting a good return on their software investment. Training will often be subsidized with additional free, regular webinars, covering specific software functionality.

5. Identify the rewards

No real return on investment is realized until you take a step back and identify where your new software is making a difference. Go back to the start and think about the pain-points that you wanted to solve with the new software, and ensure that your investment is making the difference you expected.

It’s important to work with a software partner who aims to meet your objectives and focuses on customer success. This way, any unsolved issues can be addressed and met, ensuring your training management software is working the best it can for your business.

Finally, ask for recommendations. New software can be a business critical decision. Take your time and ask the right questions. 


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