Webinar: How to collect, analyse and use course data to transform your training offering

FlexMR are a leading insights company, specialising in using data to empower decisions and improve business results. Chris Martin, CMO of FlexMR discusses three key opportunities for training providers within the collection, analysis and usage of course data.

In this webinar session, Chris explains how training providers can improve the collection, usage and analysation of data in order to contribute to better business results. Here's the agenda:

  • The evolving insights landscape
  • Five questions to help training providers turn data in to action
  • How to run a successful interview or focus groups
  • The benefits of in-depth interviews
  • What are diaries and ethnographies?
  • Best practices for diary studies
  • The Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • The full research process
  • Structuring data flows
  • Considering appropriate reporting methods

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