How to set the price of your training courses with Doug Marshall

Doug Marshall has over two decades of marketing experience, with specialist expertise in the learning sector.

Between 2015 and 2019, Doug was Wilmington plc’s Group Head of Marketing with responsibility for strategy across its 14 marketing teams. These included all of Wilmington’s learning brands in Europe and North America.

While at Wilmington, Doug also launched and ran its internal Marketing Academy, organising a range of learning experiences and apprenticeship schemes for a 50-strong marketing cohort.

As MD of Achieve B2B Marketing, Doug has provided marketing services for a range of learning companies. These include a stakeholder engagement simulation platform, a leading sales training company and an insurance innovation business. Doug also provides training programmes for clients across a range of B2B marketing skills.

Setting prices well is a huge opportunity. In this webinar, Doug explores how effective price setting can boost profits, increase revenues and even change the perception of your product. Taking the initiative on pricing is also a great way to build your commercial reputation. 

In this insightful session, Doug covers the following:

  • How effective pricing can affect your bottom line
  • How to avoid common pricing mistakes
  • How to price for enterprise deals
  • How to price based on value
  • How to test prices
  • How to present prices well