Webinar: Taking the seemingly impossible training online with AssessTech

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“If you are thinking that your scheduled training courses can’t continue due to lockdown, think again…”

AssessTech, a partner and customer of accessplanit, is one of the UK's leading providers of competence management training for the rail industry. They work with some of the largest railway operators helping to keep the industry safe through instructor-led training and technology. When social distancing measures were introduced, AssessTech, like many other providers, found their training offering didn’t naturally lend itself to online delivery.

We’re joined by AssessTech’s Head of Operations, Sally Brinkley, to discuss how the organisation has been resourceful and innovative in their ability to continue training against all odds.

On the webinar we discuss how AssessTech:

  • Continue mandatory safety training for key staff to keep the railways operating
  • Record individual remote assessment sessions
  • Introduce new, engaging training initiatives using technology