How To Increase Online Bookings Within Your Training Company

Your website is the first port of call for the majority of potential customers, and therefore it is important that it grabs their attention and makes an impact. Think of yourself as an online retailer as well as an online training company and make your website easy to use, engaging and inviting.  Then, translate the hits into business by adopting online course booking, giving customers the option to book there and then!

Here are 4 ways you can help to increase traffic, direct traffic to your site and to course information, and capture that business.

Step 1: Make your website engaging and informative.  It’s all about content....

Does your website showcase the value of what you do? Make sure it contains testimonials from previous clients and solid evidence that your work provides a return on investment. Use case studies to explain how you helped a major retailer boost sales during the recession by rolling out an extensive customer service training programme or improved employee retention in a call centre experiencing high levels staff turnover.

It is also important to include concise information about the topics covered by your courses and how they can be formatted for online or classroom-based learners.

Step 2: Increase traffic to your website.  Blog blog blog...

Regularly update your website with blogs and news articles and post links to these on social media channels. This will increase the numbers of people visiting the website, which will also rank higher on Google if new posts are added on a regular basis.

The beauty of social media sites it that it allows trainers to share content with the relevant audiences and build streams of traffic back to your site. Remember to promote your site as an authoritative source of information and avoid using social media alone to hard sell your products and services.

Step 3: Increase the channels of communication.  Be available...

All good training websites will contain information about how visitors can find out more about the structure and cost of specific courses. Some customers will want the opportunity to discuss how your courses can be tailored to suit their business requirements. It is therefore important to provide a contact telephone number or email to allow potential customers to ask specific questions.

Also showcase your company credentials as a training provider by ensuring your website contains full biographies of your team outlining skills, specialisms and experience.

Step 4: Introduce online booking.  Check out a webinar...

Course booking software is essential as it offers 24/7 sales access to your course information.  Online booking also allows you to translate hits to your website into solid business deals. Use it to capture the business of browsers by allowing them to book a course there and then while the need is still in the front of the visitors mind.  

Don’t lose business by restricting booking options to telephone or form filling. Make sure that you offer an online payment portal so that you can accept a wide variety of payment types instantaneously, including the Worldpay, Paypal and Sagepay.

To learn more about promoting your training courses, download the Beginners Guide to Content Marketing. 

Content marketing for training companies

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