Get Safe Online Week: 5 Tips For Online Safety And Security


Did you know that this week (19th – 25th October) is Get Safe Online Week which aims to highlight the importance of protecting your personal information online.  With the number of businesses opting for online booking and web integration as part of their course management system it’s really important to us that everyone is aware of eCommerce best practice and the simple things that can help protect identities online. 

Here are 5 tips suggested by credit experts Experian. If you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of introducing an online booking system for training, then head to this blog post. 

5 tips to stay safe

 If you like this infographic you can download your free copy here: "Get Safe Online" or you can click on the image below!

Infographic shows 5 tips to stay safe and secure online - stay safe online week

For more information about and benefits of implementing online booking into your business strategy check out these 3 key advantages. 

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