How Automated Training Evaluations Gain Meaningful Feedback


When is a happy sheet not happy? I guess when the results don't actually tell you anything!  My last blog suggested that the role of the traditional happy sheet distributed at the end of a training session was limited if not dead.  And, some of the feedback I received confirmed that I’m not alone in this assessment.  

Getting effective delegate feedback

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to get that immediate feedback at the end of your training course when delegates are happy with the course content and desperate to rush home. 

But is that real feedback? 

Is it meaningful?  

It may give you an assessment of course delivery and a subjective view of course content, but in most cases it’s not until the delegate tries to put this into practice that the real value of the course can be assessed.

This is where automation using a training management system comes into its own, giving you the ability to take a long range approach to course evaluation.  By scheduling several follow up evaluation surveys, you can investigate not just the immediate course deliverables including venue, content and trainer, but more importantly how the content matches the delegates needs over a period of time.  You can also start this process with pre-course evaluation which will allow you to explore and match actual against expected outcomes.

This information can also be used to build substantial metrics to measure success, and of course give you the opportunity to develop additional courses to bridge any gaps. 

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