What Generation Z Means for the Training Industry

We've heard plenty about millennials over the past few years and how their attitudes and desires have changed the way we train. But are you prepared for the next generation? Generation Z are coming to an office near you. 

These are tomorrow's employees: Hard-working, hyper-connected, and tech-smart. We're talking about the world's first true 'digital natives' - a generation raised on the internet since birth - and they're going to change the training industry like no other generation has.

Now, we've taken a look at what training professionals can expect from the generation who will, by 2020, form 20% of the entire workforce. Who are they? What impact does technology have on their learning? And what sort of training is right for them?

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No doubt you've read about what the current junior generation desire - millennials are, famously, rule-breakers. They desire instant feedback and instant gratification. They want to be challenged at work, and won't hesitate to leave a company that doesn't offer this.

In this sense, Generation Z, those born between 1995 and 2010, are not quite so aggressive. As such, there are two primary motivations that will define the most effective training: A strong desire for career security, and a reliance on, and understanding of, technology. Consequently, strong commercial training arms will adapt to this, in both what courses they offer and how they offer them.

And the right training course management system helps deliver those in a manner that appeals and engages the next generation of delegates. Think of easy and instant online booking and automated marketing or booking confirmation emails, these are basic expectations for today's highly driven 'digital natives'.

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