3 Ways To Increase Online Course Bookings Using Marketing & Promotion


We've identified three simple ways to increase your online course bookings using clever marketing and promotion:

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Discounts and offers
  3. Follow up communications 

Being a training provider, it can be easy to expect customers to come to you when they have a requirement. But it is crucial to understand that there are probably many other providers that offer exactly what you do. However, if you do happen to be the only one in a 500 mile radius, do consumers know what it is that you provide and see you as a trusted, knowledgeable supplier?

This blog will explore 3 simple ways to promote your business and in turn increase course bookings.

What are the 3 simple ways to promote your business?

1. Content marketing

When we talk about ‘content’ in the marketing sense, we refer to the production of thought-leadership articles, blogs, eBooks, in-depth reports, infographics – the list goes on! The production of content is all about increasing your visibility to your target audience.

Whatever way it is that you want to position yourself as a business, content is the way to do it. Whether you want to be seen as the fun Aunt of training providers or the expert in your field this needs to be reflected in your content from the wording to the branding.  

Top tip: share your content! Ensure that people are finding and looking at what you are producing. This can be done in many ways including joining and contributing to social media groups, posting your content on blog sharing sites such as StumbleUpon and sending out content in email campaigns.

To learn more about producing and sharing content download free ‘Why is content so important for training companies?’ whitepaper.   

2. Discounts and offers

Everybody loves a bargain and the world of training is no exception. This technique can be used to entice both new and existing customers. For example, offer a first time purchase deal as well as welcome back offers. Early bird discounts also work well when wanting to fill a course date in advance. On the other hand, a ‘last few places’ pitch can work equally as well.

Top tip: setting a time limit in which a discount code or offer can be used creates a sense of urgency adding additional ammo to your offer. 

Find out how to Use Online Course Booking Systems To Simplify Discounts 

3. Follow up communications

Once you have provided training to an individual you now have an added advantage. They are already familiar with you (and hopefully benefited from the course) so you are not making a cold approach.

Chartered institute of marketing quote statistic repeat business

How can you promote repeat bookings?

  1. If there is a progression route for a course, for example from beginner to intermediate, send the delegate tailored communications offering the next level.
  2. Add previous course candidates to your blog distribution list to offer content as discussed earlier. Remember, out of sight quite often means out of mind.

Top tip: personalise your communications with mail merge fields to give it a more human touch. 

Check out this infographic which explores other ways to share your training offer.

Content marketing for training companies

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