How to sell more training courses

10 effective ways to promote your training

10 ways to promote your training offer

Many training companies are unaware of the availability of the wide range of online tools available to help share their training offers. The power of digital media can be greatly effective in driving attention to your company. This simple infographic highlights 10 approaches to sharing your course offers in a clear, simple to view manner which we advise using as a visual checklist. We have also included some valuable tips and a number of useful links to help you increase your awareness online and sell more courses!

What are some of the ways you can share your training courses?

  • Social media has made communication almost effortless and is extremely beneficial in sharing content with your target customers
  • Blogging engages readers and drives curiosity which prompts them to find out more about your training company
  • Email marketing campaigns are sometimes overlooked however, in this infographic we explain the importance of this communication method

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