Does Training Automation Mean The End Of Administrators?


Whenever an automated business system is mentioned in an organisation there is often a ripple of panic among administrators. Will this system replace my job? Will my hours get cut? What will my role be now? These are questions that we have heard on unlimited occasions! These worries and fears are completely unwarranted and an automated system actually expands job potential and can make your role much more exciting.     

Administrators are one of the biggest beneficiaries when it comes to the adoption of a training management system and sometimes also one of the hardest to get on board.

Whether you are an administrator or you are trying to gain buy-in from your administration team, it is crucial to really understand what the key benefits of automation really are. 

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Ease of use and streamlined day-to-day activities is what really counts for administrators. From booking delegates on to courses without having to navigate through a maze of spreadsheets to easily managing trainers without juggling paper diaries. This post explores these points and many more.  

4 key training automation benefits for administrators 

1. Automated communications

Staying in touch with clients is crucial, and a breeze when it doesn’t involve making hundreds of phone calls every month or sending individual emails.

With the adoption of an automated system, pre-set workflow communications can be scheduled using triggers and statuses. Schedule communications such as course reminders, evaluation forms and joining instructions ensuring that admin staff are not having to repeat the same process every time a course is held.

By removing time consuming, repetitive tasks administrators can be freed up to perform more strategic and value adding responsibilities. 

2. Instant access to information

Rather than having to wade through spreadsheets, emails and database entries. An automated system provides an all in one platform to hold your business information including course dates, available resources and trainers and customer records. 

Briefcase full of papers

In-depth reports can be performed to find exactly what you need and can even be scheduled to arrive straight to your inbox when you need them. 

3. Eliminated duplication and error

Resource management ensures that availability is managed automatically avoiding the headache of double booking of venues and equipment. This saves time when scheduling and also time wasted due to resource clashes. 

4. Increased job satisfaction

Ultimately all of the aspects outlined above will result in an increase in job satisfaction. A win-win situation! 


The addition of an automated system should help not hinder the administration team. They will be the key users managing the system but will also gain a wealth of extra time to establish new processes and take on additional responsibilities. 

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