Can Automation Really Save Your Business 50% Admin Time?


If you have ever purchased a software system whether it be a CRM, LMS or training management system you will be sure to have heard the phrase ‘this product will save you time and money’. Perfect! Just what we are all looking for. But can it be true? Can we really reduce administration by introducing automation into our business? 

A recent survey of training professionals showed that 79% of respondents found that their biggest pain point was time consuming day to day processes.

Pyramid graph showing training industry survey results

Below I have focused on two of these admin heavy processes and examined how automation can make an impact. 


Communication is a very vague term. Communication can come in many forms from internal with staff to external with customers and partner agencies including:

  • Reminders
  • Quotes
  • Invoices
  • Joining instructions / welcome packs
  • Marketing campaigns

Having a facility to automate all of your business communications is an undeniable way to save time and resource.


Generating reports can be extremely time consuming, especially if all of the information isn’t in one central place. This can also lead to inaccuracies. Having the ability to save and schedule reports means that crucial information can be sent straight to your inbox.  

Some software packages also come complete with a range of pre-created reports which could save even more time.


Automation really can slash administration time but it is not a miracle solution. Without putting in the work to embed a system the results will not simply appear. Implementation and training are imperative for effective software adoption. 

Download software implementationbuyers guide and best practice to learn more about successful software implementation. 

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