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Is Using Multiple Software Systems An Effective Management Strategy?

When a company reaches a certain size, properly administering training can emerge as a growing concern. Targeting, enrolling, monitoring, recording and reporting on training becomes an issue for someone to solve – a very time consuming issue. And, when it comes to business, you cannot discuss Time without its companion Money.

With the multitude of freeware and shareware options available in this space, assembling pieces into a working whole is a path some try to follow. Generally, these approaches create more issues than they solve.

If you've ever used a pieced-together system, then you might believe that the administrator is someone named "Manual." This results from how often you have to invoke a manual work-around for something that could and should be automated.

Manual completions, manual reporting and manual user updates are rare exceptions, not daily occurrences, in a complete training management software package. The time spent on these manual processes, coupled with the time spent making it all "work" together in the first place, is time better spent putting into other areas to move your company forward.

A patchwork learning management strategy is sometimes adopted in the belief that it costs less. Free or low-cost certainly seems like a way to save money, and, if time is also free at your company, it very well might be.

However, at most companies, time is the highest cost item imaginable. This is why a seamless, automated, properly managed learning strategy is a money saver, because it saves time.

You might well be wondering, "How much time could I save?" Complete our ROI calculator to find out. 

The figure below shows the trends of the training organisations and departments that have previously completed the calculator. 

Training management system administration average time spent

Every company is different. However, when you combine the manual work at the back-end with the need for learners to navigate a patchwork process, the time adds up very quickly.

Include the occasional incompatibility issues due to new releases, patches and new business requirements, and the time lost grows more concerning. 

Find out your potential time savings by completing the ROI calculator yourself!

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