4 Challenges Facing Training Professionals in 2019 [Webinar]

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Have you identified the top challenges your training business or department is facing right now and put a plan in place to ensure that they are no longer (or, less of) an issue in 2019? If you haven't then watch our free webinar which explores the top 4 challenges training professionals are facing and how to overcome them with actionable tips. 

You might be asking yourself:

  • How do I grow and develop my training business?
  • Is there a better way to utilise my resources?
  • How can I cut costs while maintaining a quality service?
  • How do I keep my learners engaged?

These are all common problems for training providers. In our latest training industry survey, we identified the top 4 challenges faced by training professionals.

The top 4 challenges facing training professionals in 2019 

The survey revealed these 4 challenges as top of the agenda for today's training professionals:

  1. Lack of resources 
  2. Alternative learning delivery methods
  3. Increased competition
  4. Increasing costs

How can we do more with less? How can we keep up with the learning delivery methods that our customers want? What techniques can we use to outsmart the competition? What about ensuring costs don't continue to increase?

We've got the answers (well, we like to think so). 

Watch the webinar here

This webinar explores these challenges in more detail and look at how to overcome them as we look ahead to 2019.

 Watch now to learn:

  • How to do more with less
  • How to establish and deliver the learning delivery methods that your learners want
  • How to stay ahead of the competition
  • How to minimise increasing costs ready for a successful 2019

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