4 Challenges Facing Training Professionals in 2019 [Webinar]

Your complete guide to training industry challenges and how to overcome them in 2019 with bonus reading list



Explore key challenges faced by today's training professionals:

1.Establishing the learning delivery methods your learners want
2.Staying ahead in a competitive training marketplace
3.Improving your results while managing with less resource
4.Driving down increasing costs in your business


By the end of the webinar you will be putting plans in place to:

1.Understand your customers better
2.Utilise digital marketing as well as existing materials
3.Know your processes and identify bottlenecks
4.Identify unnecessary costs and understand how to remove them

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Training Industry Benchmark Report 2018

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How to Eliminate Manual Processes

Our free guide provides 10 common manual training processes and explores how to implement automated processes.


Reading List

Your complete list of suggested reading from the webinar to equip you for a successful 2019. 

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2018 Training Industry Benchmark Report - accessplanit

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Mapping Business Processes

How Inefficient Processes Are Hurting Your Company - Entrepreneur

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Identifying Unnecessary Costs

The Rise of Insight-Driven Business - Capgemini

What's Holding You Back? How To Build An Insight-Driven Organization - Forbes

Visibility and automation are essential to retaining control - Computing

6 Essential Metrics You Need to Track to Grow Your Training Business - accessplanit

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