What sets accessplanit apart?


Every training provider is different, so why shouldn't our software be too?

At accessplanit, we've prioritised product developments that allow for flexibility. We get to know you, so that we can configure our software to work the way you work.

Learn more about what this means for our customers further down the page.

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Service & support

Every software solution has a learning curve, we'll guide you all the way with unrestricted support.

Without dedicated onboarding, optimisation and ongoing support from your software supplier, you're going to be facing a frustrating uphill battle right from the off.

accessplanit are a team that's committed to your success. There's a number of ways for you to get in touch with our friendly team.

Learn more about our support below.

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Every training provider has different objectives and business goals.

Our training management platform isn't one-dimensional. We get to know you, so we can configure the software to help you to achieve the results you want.

Our customers use accessplanit's software for a multitude of different objectives including:

  • Reducing cost
  • Increasing bookings
  • Maintaining compliance
  • Saving time
  • Becoming more organised


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Every training provider wants to be efficient and productive.

The chance to automate processes and save time is often a key driver for training businesses to implement new software, however in terms of ROI, choosing the correct solution is critical.

Within accessplanit, automating tasks and communications can be as simple or complex as you like - our aim is to work the way you do, whilst reducing admin by over 50%.

Learn more about automation with accessplanit below.

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All in one solution

Every training provider has experienced the headaches of disparate systems.

They are costly, difficult to move data between, frustrating to train new starters on and are prone to errors and misalignment.

accessplanit is an end-to-end solution for training providers. Your entire training operation can be managed within one system, and you can access all the data you need in an instant.

Learn more about our all-in-one solution below.


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Here's 12 things that accessplanit do better.


Unrestricted support

We don't believe in tiered levels of support. Every customer has full access to our support suite including a friendly UK-based Support team, ticket portal, knowledge base and dedicated Customer Success Manager.


Run sessional courses

The ability to create and run sessional courses is a feature our customers love. Create a parent session, and link child sessions to the head course. You can determine which of these are mandatory and have pre-requisites, and you have the power to assign trainers and venues for each individual session.  


Sell products & services

Want to sell books, accommodation, certification and other services alongside your training courses? With accessplanit, you can! This comes with inventory management and the ability to capture shipping addresses.


Intricate workflows

Within accessplanit, you can use any system event to trigger emails, including complex combinations of criteria which offers unparalleled flexibility. If you wanted a unique email to go out to someone who books onto a course who has blue eyes, a dietary requirement, is over 30 and works for company ABC limited - that gives you an idea as to how precise you can be. Unlike our competitors, this isn't restricted to certain modules or functions, or reliant on integrations.


Flexible reporting

Using DataGrids, exporting or extracting important information within accessplanit couldn't be easier. For more complex reports, you can pull data on any module or field within the platform. If you're used to using pre-defined, rigid reports, or having to draw the information out manually, this functionality is a game-changer.


Built in Learner Portal

The ability for learners to login to their own portal and book courses, digest eLearning content, complete feedback forms and access certification is a super-useful feature that is rare among TMS providers. accessplanit's is widely used by our customer base, helping to provide a value-add to both our customers and our customers clients.


Survey builder

Capturing and measuring feedback through our brand new, flexible survey builder couldn't be easier. Everything is stored in one place, and once your survey has been created, workflows help to ensure they reach the right people at the right time.


Configurable dashboards

Easily see the information that is most important to a particular user or job role by creating configurable Dashboards. From a blank canvas, create drag-and-drop gadgets, widgets and tables that display key information in real time.



Generate any documents

Our powerful document generator means you aren't restricted in the documents you produce, you can create joining instructions, sign in sheets, registers, certificates, name labels, pass & fail letters and much more!


Expense & cost management

It's crucial that costs and viability of your courses are tracked and accurately measured in real time. With accessplanit, everything is taken in to consideration to help you calculate expenditure and ensure you're courses are staying in the green.


Audit logs

Audit logs are important for security and allow for easy identification and resolution when things go wrong. These can be found throughout our platform to help you stay on top of changes.


Delegate management

Whether it's cancelling, transferring, deferring or changing the delegate that's booked on to a course, accessplanit has all the functionality to assist.

Before accessplanitwe were losing 6 figures off our profitability... now we are making 6 figures on our profitability!

accessplanit will allow us to move away from 3 different systems we currently use, and use one streamlined provider with everything all in the same place!

Without a system like accessplanit we would not be able to run profitably or smoothly.