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A secure, customised solution to modernise and automate the process worldwide

"The new system impacts on every aspect of our business. We have moved from a paper based system to a fully automated process which keeps everyone informed. A six week cycle has been reduced to days."

Mary Cameron

University of West London

London College of Music Exam Board (LCM) is an international examinations board offering graded and diploma qualifications in music, drama and communication. Examinations are held across a large network of exam centres worldwide, and are unique in the graded examinations world as they are accredited by a university. 

The Challenge

LCM were using a software system for data input. This system could only be accessed by the LCM Team with all other administration undertaken on paper entry forms complete with cheque payment and posted for data entry. This process was slow, laborious, used a mountain of paper and as with any paper based system, entries went missing causing additional work in issue resolution. To put this into perspective, the admin team were receiving over 20,000 candidate entries on paper from all over the world, a daunting task and a process fraught with opportunity for data input error. One of the outcomes from this was the regular need to reprint and reissue certificates with name errors, a task which added valuable time to the overall process.

LCM required a system to automate each part of their complex training and examinations process, ensure data remained secure and set permissions which would allow different user groups the right level of access to perform their part of the process. Online booking and payment was also desired to speed up payment resolution.

“The support is amazing, without exception the accessplanit team are friendly and willing to help and resolve any issues.”

The accessplanit solution

The new training system has been rolled out worldwide in two waves, Europe then the rest of the world. Since using the system additional examination centres have been added worldwide and extended to Kazakhstan. Over 90,000 bookings are taken annually using the system and all payments are now made instantly using online booking, reducing any need for cheque clearing. Two years on, the system works well and the end result has dramatically changed the management of processes.

“The accessplanit team have worked tirelessly to support us, we have a system that works well and we are continually improving.”

Customer benefits

  • Speed - end-to-end journey from booking to exam results has been reduced from 6 weeks to a matter of days. 
  • Transparency - every user involved in the process has access to track courses and exams. 
  • Variable pricing - pricing varies worldwide. The system manages this by pricing schemes within each location.

“The support is amazing, without exception the accessplanit team are friendly and willing to help and resolve any issues.”

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