The training solutions platform

Offering all the tools you need to get the very best out of your training

24/7 service

No-hassle course booking and payment around the clock, with a reassuringly instant booking confirmation.  Put delegates in control with multiple options surrounding payment methods, discount codes, group and business block bookings.


Know what your customers want before they do, offering personalised and targeted offers and course suggestions based on their order history and relevant interests.


Loyalty deserves to be rewarded. Now you can easily offer preferential rates for your top learners, group booking and early bird discounts and vouchers.

Live website updates

All the information, all the time. Turn your website into an up-to-date hub for learners and trainers alike with real-time updates on courses and communications.

Trainer access

With privileged trainer access, your trainers will be able to prepare the best courses out there, from pre-course questions for 360 evaluation and available resources to tracking special requirements for your customers.

Learner management

Track the journey of every one of your learners, to help you increase their satisfaction and enhance the service you provide.

One learner, one hub

Create a space where each individual learner can access all course information they need. A fully responsive interface where delegates can manage and book training, complete eLearning and fill out evaluations.

Courses for candidates

With consistent cross-platform communications, you can give every customer the lowdown on what’s going on, where, and when. Then use their feedback to develop and tailor courses that hit every expectation.

Reduce errors and data duplication

One system, the whole learner journey. With a single, secure location for data, you’ll never duplicate information across different platforms and spreadsheets, while real-time bookings mean calendar clashes are a thing of the past.

Integrated online booking

Why manually update your website with course availability when you can display a live feed? Our API and plug-in tools keep your website totally up-to-date, and when a learner books their courses, the training success platform instantly captures that info.

Completely customised workflows

Stay informed at all times. Want an email when a course hits minimum delegate count? It’s simple: Set your criteria, create email and task alerts, and the workflow tool will let you know what you need to know, when you need to know it.

Scheduling trainers

Outlook-integrated calendar management means you have the power to see who’s available and when. Now let the training success platform take care of the rest, automatically checking external trainer and resource availability.

Reports to your inbox

The reports you need in the place you need them. The Report Engine brings unrivalled efficiency, filtering out the info you need, and our Report Writer sends tailored reports to your inbox – now key stakeholders can stay informed wherever they are.

More power to you

With the ability to completely automate all tasks, reminders and communications, you’ll instantly free yourself of mind-numbing admin jobs to concentrate on what matters: Running your business.

Instinctive, feature-rich solutions

You want a system that works for you, which is why you’ll find functionality tailored to suit your business needs. On-going after-sales support makes sure you get the most out of a platform that does the hard work, so you don’t have to.

Joined-up finance support

From raising invoices, dropping reminders, processing refunds to offering a range of payment options automate all aspects of your finance with Sage and Xero integration that eliminates data duplication.


Your customers expect the same great service every time – so deliver that consistency by creating standard processes and practices for your entire team, and reap the benefits of efficiency.

Pay, your way

Multi-currency support. Credit cards, debit cards. Credit notes. However you want to accept payment, the choice is yours. And there’s full support for automated invoicing and payment processing services including Worldpay, Sagepay and Barclays ePDQ.


A central system means total oversight and complete business insights. See at a glance where your customers are in their training life-cycle or the status of your staff. You can even re-assign tasks at the click of a button.

Use insight to expand

Making business decisions just got even easier. With insights, you can easily identify the most popular, profitable and successful courses, and even which instructors are delivering the best results. And then take action.

Scale up without extra manual work

Business expansion takes time. Now you’ve got it. By automating a massive range of processes, you can stop focusing on manual admin and start focusing on what really matters: Growing your business.

Jump inside the customer’s head

Google Analytics offer amazing opportunities to understand your customers. Track shopping baskets, explore prevalent trends, discover how customers found you and how they shop. Then use those insights to boost your marketing efforts.

Automatically promote your courses

Automatically promote the right courses to the right delegates based on their course history and interests using engaging HTML templates, or send refresher course information that keeps those delegates fully up-to-date with compliance-based training.

Perfectly managed service

Because you don’t want to worry about IT issues when you have a business to run, we’ll support you with managed service support. From servers to systems, we’ve got you covered.

Use surveys to analyse feedback

Collect delegate feedback to discover which experiences work and whether you’re hitting your customers’ expectations. Discover which trainers are making a positive impact, and enhance your business practices.

Automate production of reports

Keep your key stakeholders in the loop with scheduled reports sent directly to their inboxes. Set filters and summaries, so everyone’s seeing everything they need to see.

Understand your customers

Know your customers and understand their buying habits. Then use that data to craft tailored marketing messages or reward loyalty by creating preferential rates for your star customers.

The ultimate business overview

Get a comprehensive overview of the metrics that matter to you. Tailor your dashboard with pre-built and buildable gadgets with all the tools your business needs for tracking, planning and forecasting.

Better business brain

Automatic viability allows you to see just how practical each project is, what’s working and where you can enhance that awesome experience for your customers.

Information overload

Get the reports you need, how you need them, when you need them, with reports that work to support your business. With integrated Google Analytics, you’ll understand precisely how people are finding, browsing and using your site.

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accessplanit's system contained all the functionality we required to simplify processes and speed up training accessibility across the pharmacies. We are delighted with the results and capabilities of the system.

Nicola Flood, Lloyds Pharmacy
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