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Transform Your Training Businesses with Sales and Marketing Software

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Expand your opportunities

Manage your sales pipeline more effectively with our software for training companies; produce detailed forecasts and business reports; track your communications, and Target new opportunities the smart way. Utilise eCampaigns and boost your online course bookings.

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Training manager increasing course bookings

Course marketing campaigns that get noticed

Create personalized marketing campaigns that put your brand in front of the right audience. Automatically update course availability on your website in real-time, enabling customers to easily book and pay for training they want and eliminating the risk of overbooking.

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Use multi-platform marketing and SEO to deliver even more bookings for training

Knowledge is power

All the data you need is at your fingertips, so you can truly understand your learners and how to successfully market your courses to them. Monitor shopping basket activity and trends to measure completed purchases, while inquiry forms and Google Analytics put performance power in your hands.

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Course sales and marketing data growing training business

Increase course bookings…

Effectively target your customers with eCampaigns using previous course data

Integrate online course booking and payment capabilities with your website

Use automated communication flows to keep your leads and inquiries hot until they make a booking

European GDPR friendly features for sales and marketing compliance in the EU

Google Analytics integration, for maximum performance measurability

Abandoned shopping basket tracking allows for perfectly timed marketing messages

Use data to offer customers a fine-tuned personal experience

Manage your newsletters, mail-outs and subscribers at every step

Integrated analytics means effective measuring of your eCampaign performance

Handle promotions that drive sales and increase loyalty

Real-time dashboard information and updates to identify right-now sales opportunities

Easily produce forecasts and reports that showcase brand leadership

Nurture every possible lead with Workflows and targeted messages

Capture the data that matters - from incoming inquiries to the best opportunities

Ensure your forecasting is accurate with customizable sales stages in your CRM

Increase your course bookings…

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