Using SMS To Communicate With Course Delegates


Text messaging is such a common form of communication today, so much so that it’s not limited to social use between friends and family. Receiving text messages is now perceived as a normal customer services function, used for appointment reminders or an alert from a retailer regarding orders, or tracking parcels. So why do so many training companies overlook the power of SMS communication? 

Used in this context text messaging is now an established and welcomed form of communication, making it ideal for training administration. It can be even more effective when used as part of a fully automated communications process.

We recognise that lack of communication with delegates is one of the costliest mistakes in training so it is crucial to make it as easy and accessible as possible. With SMS software, training companies can send automated reminders, booking confirmations and even keep course delegates updated about last-minute course changes. It can also provide a personal touch on the training experience and it is a simple method of keeping in contact with clients.

Remind delegates to attend courses

Most people have their mobile phone on them at all times, which makes text messaging one of the most effective ways to gently remind delegates that they have a course to attend. Text messages that include information on the date, time and location of the course are the most effective. This ensures all the information is on their phone so they don't have to check emails or paperwork for course details. This can be extremely useful for course delegates and it is a simple way of making their life easier! Using text message reminders should improve attendance levels and reduce time wasted either tracking down clients or waiting for missing attendees. 

Alert attendees about course changes 

Text messages can also be sent to inform delegates about last minute room changes for classroom based learning sessions. Emails are easy to miss or ignore especially if your inbox is overflowing so it is important to find an effective way of contacting clients at the last minute. A text message reaches the employee where an email can’t, and people are more likely to check a text message on their way home than they are their work emails.

Although the popularity of smartphones means that most people can check emails on the go, the text message is a fail-safe method. Not everyone has their smartphone connected to work email and text messages cannot be sent to a spam folder. That's why SMS is one of the best ways to contact clients at crucial times when they need it the most. This can reduce the risk of them turning up at the wrong time or location, so they will undoubtedly appreciate this extra level of support.

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Remind employees about assignments and exams

Text messages are also ideal for reminding learners who have an examination or assignment due in a couple of days. The message could trigger some last minute cramming or work ahead of an assignment or exam instead of seeing an email reminder when they back in the office and it's too late to do any extra work. SMS can be a great way to provide gentle reminders and help learners get the most out of their training course. By keeping in contact with them, they are more likely to feel appreciated and remembered.

Other things to consider

You might be thinking that sometimes customers might not want to be contacted on their personal mobile number. It is undeniable that companies get a lot of criticism for annoying customers with too many messages or emails. SMS can be an extremely effective way of contacting clients but there are ways to ensure that this method of communication is appreciated and not irritating.

For example, some companies use this method for sales-orientated communication. This can be a great way to inform customers about discounts and offers but it might not be appreciated if they are sent out too often. It is important to know your boundaries and allow customers the option of opting out of SMS commnuication. This ensures that you only send messages to those who want to recieve them and therefore would not feel annoyed or dissatisfied. Additionally, text messages should always be sent at reasonable hours and have professional and valuable content within.

Overall, SMS can be a really good way of building relationships with customers and keeping in touch. If the right approach is taken, customers may really appreciate these gentle reminders and feel as though the company is going the extra mile for their clients. Communication is extremely important so why not try it out and see what your clients think?

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