10 Ways To Promote Your Training Courses Online


How do you currently promote your training courses?  Are they on your website?  Do you target previous delegates? Are you advertising?

I guess you probably do all of this and more, but do you blog?  

If you do, or if you are considering blogging around your course content, read on for 10 quick wins!

Blogging is all about increasing your visibility to your target audience. With 55% of marketers identifying content creation for their blog as a top priority, it's hard not to see the importance of perfecting your blog strategy. Training is a highly competitive market so you need to be seen in your space.  Content can be tough to put together but you are one step ahead if you have already got the blog wheels turning.  

63% of marketers say that their biggest challenge is getting traffic to their site. That's why blogging alone isn't enough, you need to make sure that you are sharing your offer across multiple platforms to really market your training effectively.  

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10 Ways To Promote Your Training Blog Content Online

Here's a list of 10 ways to promote your training blog content online:

1. Email marketing

If you've got a long list of email addresses of delegates and clients that have once trained with you gathering dust, this has to be your place to start. Email marketing gives you the unique ability to regularly test the content that resonates with your audience. By monitoring open rates, click-throughs and reply rates, you can ensure you're creating content that's getting read. Check out our guide on how to increase your course bookings using email.

2. Facebook

Perhaps more so than all of the other social platforms, Facebook's rules are pretty simple. Jeff Goins at Goinswriter describes it this way:

Consider Facebook an opportunity to extend the reach of your voice through a condensed version of what is normally offered on your blog.

Seems simple enough, right?

As the most used social platform today, Facebook presents your best opportunity to reach the widest audience. It's perfect for shareable content that gets people talking. Creating a company page and adding your company branding is a great place to start.

Check out our blog for moretips and examples on how you can use social media to promote your training courses.

3. Free stuff

If there's an exciting reward waiting for people that click on the blog, click-through rates are of-course going to increase. Here's a few ideas to get you started:

  • Whitepapers, such as downloadable reports or comprehensive guides
  • Access to a recent webinar
  • A discount code for a training course

4. Twitter

A combination of hashtags, retweets and a massive audience mean twitter has to be part of your blog marketing strategy. It's worth doing some research first on which hashtags your customers are likely to be searching for and create content that will drive them to find you.

Medium put together this useful guide on how to best use Twitter to leverage your blog posts.

5. RSS feeds

RSS feeds, or Really Simple Syndication, is a way for users to access updates from a website in a simple format. For training providers, RSS feeds are used to publish regularly updated information, such as new blog entries, news articles, video content and more. Make sense? If not, check out Lifewire's guide on the what's where's and how's of RSS feeds.

6. Images

In this modern world of over-stimulation and limited attention spans, you need to capture the attention of your audience quickly. There is simply no better way than using an image. Whether this is a stock photo, or the product of some fancy graphic design work - without imagery, it hurts your click-through rate, SEO and most importantly, the duration the reader is likely to spend looking at your content.

7. SEO keyword tools

If you're new to the marketing space, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. The ultimate aim with a blog post is to rank highly in search engines to bring organic traffic to your website, targeting specific keywords that your customer base is searching for. Some of our most favourite tools to help you get started include SEMrush, Google Search Console & LSI Graph.

SEO is the slowest burner here in terms of timescales, but has by far the biggest potential to bring new eyes to your content and website.

8. Guest blogging

If you're yet to build up a great deal of traffic to your website, or if your social platforms don't have much of a following, consider using the captive audience of a well-established brand to encourage visitors to your site and get more eyes on your content. There's a number of great places to start with this within the training sphere including Training Industry, Training Magazine and eLearning Industry.

9. LinkedIn

Linkedin perhaps has the most potential of all in terms of being able to increase traffic to your blogs quickly. The potential reach of social posts once they have been liked, commented on or shared by other professionals means you can reach up to ten or even one hundred times your network size just by a handful of interactions. By joining groups and sharing blog content here, you can reach tens of thousands of other professionals in your industry in an instant. Find out how to create social content that people want to share in our guide to social media marketing for training courses.

Training organisations like Sales Geek are masters at using social selling to market their content and ultimately grow their business exponentially.

Check out their Linkedin page for a bit of inspiration!

Suggested reading: The 5 step plan to grow your training business using Linkedin.

10. YouTube

Hostgator put together a great guide on 4 killer ways to convert your blog posts to youtube videos. There's so many benefits to this, one of the biggest being that the same piece of content can rank more than once in search engines, through both video on youtube and text on your own website. Instead of spending time thinking up new blog ideas, re-purpose it for video. So simple, but so effective!

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