Announcing... The New accessplanit Product Portal And Roadmap

The accessplanit Product Roadmap And Product Suggestions Portal Has Been Given A Revamp

The vast majority of features that we add to the accessplanit system, as well as the improvements that we make, are based on the product suggestions and feedback that we receive from our customers! The majority of these come through our product suggestion portal. We also receive a lot via email; from meetings; training sessions, and helpdesk tickets. Find out more about our support services.

We have several ways of letting our customers know what features are upcoming, and what potential features we would like their feedback on. These multiple systems and ways of working all take up a lot of time for our team: manually managing and sorting through various feedback sources; gathering more feedback; asking questions, and prioritising. As you can imagine, this all takes away from what we really want to be doing - which is improving the system for our customers! So, we decided that we need a little change.

Introducing… Our New Product Roadmap

accessplanit's product portal

The new Product Roadmap & Portal gives our customers visibility of:

  • The features that we're actively working on
  • The features that we're thinking about
  • A list of what we have developed

the accessplanit product portal for suggestions and what we're working on

If customers can't see what they're looking for in the list, they can submit their own brand, new shiny suggestion at the top of the portal.

This portal will also be used by our team to log any feedback from training sessions, meetings and helpdesk tickets, keeping everything together in one place. Lovely!

Our new portal launched on Fri 4th Feb, so customers are already  using the new roadmap to submit their ideas.

If you are a customer and need to know how to access the portal, get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.

Why Do We Want Product Suggestions?

Ernest Hemingway once said, "When people talk, listen completely." That’s a quote we wholeheartedly agree with – it’s practically a motto here at accessplanit. You talk, we listen, and if Hemingway has no objections, we'd like add another part to his quote: Take action.

Our training success platform has been built on customer feedback (around 50% of all new features were ideas and suggestions that came directly from training professionals).

If you want to find out more about how our product suggestions and updates work, book a demo with one of our solutions team today!

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