Can A Training Management System Increase Training Quality?


We all know that the secret of a good training session is preparation. A professional trainer will leave nothing to chance. Planning is key. The training subject will be familiar, the presentation and content honed and the delivery unquestionable. But what about the delegates? How can training companies ensure that course attendees get the most out of the session?

The key to a quality training session is ensuring that both the trainer and delegates are prepared. Well prepared delegates will enter the session highly motivated and even excited about the opportunity to learn, share experiences and participate. Have you ever been to an event or training course with only having received the venue details? This leaves the delegate craving information and they can actually enter the room full of apprehension. 

For some delegates receiving a session outline from the trainer shortly before the course date may help to overcome any anxiety. You may even consider a precourse short questionnaire to use as an icebreaker.  The results can be used to personalise course content and even correlated against post course evaluation to dive deeper into expectations against results.

All course communication, the look, the design, the tone of voice will say something about your organisation. Make it count, make it relevant, make it inviting and make it timely. This is where task assignment using a learning management system to automate can reap rewards.  


It’s all about frame of mind and that’s where an automated training management system can support the quality of training delivery.

An automated system allows you to:

  • Send joining instructions to delegates as soon as they sign up providing detailed information to ease any nerves, this can include what will be covered and even if lunch will be supplied.
  • Provide a map and travel advice to ensure all attendees go to the right place and to avoid a late start.
  • Send out precourse evaluations to all course attendees so that the trainer is able to tailor the session to their needs.

These are just a few examples of how to prepare your delegates to ensure a more effective and worthwhile session for all particpants. Equally as important a positive experience will result in the candidate wanting to come back! 

A recent research poll, revealed that only 38% of companies have a dedicated training management system, and, alarmingly, that a fifth (21%) still use a combination of Excel, Outlook and Word to manage the administration of their training business.

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