Advantages Of Using eLearning Within Your Training Business


Most people are familiar with the term eLearning.  It’s no new, and is often used as an element of a blended learning programme.  It can be used to describe any training, courseware, guided learning reference material or assessment that is accessed electronically via a computer or mobile device.  This could be in the form of a virtual classroom, an online module, assessment or a discussion and is based upon the premise that it is easily flexible and accessible and provides on-demand training and support. 

Who uses it?

All kinds of organisations use eLearning,  from private sector to non-profit , governments and educational institutions through to global companies. Check out how Delta KN use eLearning to deliver high quality training worldwide.

Why is it a preferred method of delivery?

  • Save time and money on training and travel costs
  • Reach geographically dispersed groups
  • Provide ‘anywhere, anytime’ learning
  • Provide consistency and keep staff compliant with regulations
  • Improve productivity and effectiveness

What type of training is delivered?

  • Introductory / orientation training
  • Remedial training
  • Certification training
  • Academic courses
  • Promotion of products and services
  • Support for organisational initiatives
  • Training to geographically spread out personnel Standardised training/knowledge
  • Software training

What are the advantages?

  • Access to learning whenever and wherever it’s needed
  • Flexibility to learn at the learners pace
  • Content that appropriate for the individual – such as new starters and experienced staff
  • Easy access – for learning across multiple locations
  • Ease and convenience of learning 
  • Clear validation to identify additional training needs
  • Provides a consistent approach - not reliant on the skills and knowledge of a trainer

What should I consider?

  • Use LMS software or a training management system to deliver eLearning
  • Ensure the user interface or user portal is responsive across all devices including mobile and tablet.
  • Ensure the interface offers high quality reporting and is capable of supporting multiple languages. 

To view an example of what you should expect from a portal designed to deliver eLearning, take a look at a short video of My accessplan user portal or download the accessplan user portal

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