3 New Ways to Generate More Survey Responses

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It has never been of more importance to collect and use feedback to improve your training. With increased competition, the need to train delegates more effectively and more consumer power than ever, implementing meaningful feedback is the best way to improve your course offerings and, ultimately, deliver the type of training your delegates love while confirming that your training is adding value.

Why is feedback so important? As we move towards a more data driven world, we've forgotten the simplest and most effective way to make improvements. Ask learners what they want!

Our training management system is designed to take the hassle out of admin like collecting that feedback while delivering greater business insights. 

More than 60% of our customers use the accessplanit in-system survey functionality to capture delegate and trainer feedback about the courses they run, so it's important to us that if you're using (or plan to use) the Surveys module, you can use this functionality effectively.

To enable training professionals to get more out of survey responses captured in the system, we’ve enhanced this functionality in three areas. Better yet, system users can start using these functions right away so now...

Leverage 360 feedback 

This one’s a popular product suggestion (learn more about how we use customer suggestions to continually improve the system here) directly from accessplanit users (and if you've got a great idea for the system, we'd love to hear about it). They told us they wanted to send both an instant course survey and follow-up surveys to delegates at different intervals after the course has been completed. 

You’re now able to associate three forms to your course templates for capturing post-course feedback from your delegates.  These forms can all be included in automatic workflow communications to your customers – so now you can easily record and report on your customers’ initial feedback, and the long-term impact of your training. And, make those all important improvements on the back of it. 

Using accessplanit's survey module to gain 360 feedback

Easily track when surveys have been submitted

Another popular product suggestion: System administrators requested a central page to see if and when delegates had provided feedback.

You’re now able to include four new fields as columns in your delegates’ DataGrids and Smartgrids. These allow you to see the date that your delegates submitted their pre-course surveys and all three post-course surveys. You can also filter on these four fields to allow you to easily identify missing responses and trigger reminder emails.

These new field additions also mean that you can build reports in your Report Engine to view survey submission statistics across your courses.

Survey functionality in accessplanit training management software

Trigger communications based on survey submissions

Saving the best 'til last! Many of our training providers asked for an email notification when a survey is submitted by a delegate or a trainer, or a thank-you email to them after their submission is made.

Great news – this is now possible in Workflows. Now you can filter your Workflow based on a submission being made (or even a submission not being made.)

Here are a few automatic workflow communications that you can build using this new functionality

  • Survey Reminder email to delegates and trainers when they have not yet submitted their survey
  • Thank you email to delegates and trainers for their submission
  • Certificate email to the delegate when they make their submission
  • Survey Received email to an administrator when a submission is made

Communications triggered based on survey response in training management system

Each of these options are available within the system now, so, if you're an accessplanit user, you can start collecting the feedback you need to advance your training and measure your success. Get in touch with us if you have any questions or if you’d like any support using them.

And if you aren't using the accessplanit training success platform yet, why not? Hit the link below for a complimentary one-to-one demo to see how we can help you to grow your training business. 

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